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5 Expert Conference Room AV System Upgrades

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When it comes to your conference room AV system, you should aim for more than “It’s good enough.” There are plenty of situations in which it’s perfectly acceptable to utter this phrase. Perhaps you just made a sloppy peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you’re planning to gulp down immediately while still standing at the counter.

Or you’ve thrown a change of clothes and a toothbrush into an overnight bag without bothering to fold anything because you’re packing up in a rush—and after all, it’s an overnight bag no one’s going to peer into later but you. So who cares?

When it comes to our professional workspaces, though, we no longer live in a world in which “good enough” is good enough. These days, a slipshod AV system could be all it takes to make or break your business. 

Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of an AV equipment upgrade? Not sure what elements are most important in a conference room AV system? 

No worries. We’ve got your back. 


Why Upgrade My Conference Room AV System?

You may think your current conference room system set-up is fine as is. Sure, a few items may be worn or out of date, but the main focus of the meeting room are the people and the content being discussed. 

Yes and no.

While what you have now might be serviceable, it won’t have what it takes to launch you to the next level. At least, not for long. 

An upgraded conference room AV installation  can set you up for future success. 


More Effective Meetings

With upgraded equipment, every meeting you have will instantly be more effective. 

The latest advancements in AV equipment can give you access to better video, better audio, and more high-quality features than an older  AV system. As a result, all your meetings will have a greater impact. 

More Reliable Technology

Modern audiovisual solutions are not only more reliable, but they’re also increasingly easier to use—even for beginners. 


More Streamlined Communication

Whether the participants attending your meeting are all in the same room or spread out across time zones (or around the world), an upgraded conference room AV system will save you time and energy by making it easier than ever for your entire team to stay connected in real time.


Increased Collaboration

An upgraded AV system in your meeting  room boosts your ability to work together and collaborate on projects both large and small.


5 Upgrades to Transform Your Conference Room AV System

Shockingly, some executives spend up to 23 hours a week in meetings. While some of those meetings will no doubt be in person, many of them will now be virtual meetings . That means more people than ever will be visiting your conference room virtually.

An upgraded AV system will help transform both video conferencing and in-person meeting room experiences. 


Upgrade 1: Video Walls

Sometimes referred to as a “display wall,” a video wall is a large digital viewing surface that might take up most of (or the entirety of) a wall. 

In your conference room, a video wall can essentially function as one large group screen on which you can project anything for group consideration.

  • Video calls
  • Presentation slides
  • Content streaming
  • Live data/numbers

A video wall will keep people’s heads up and enhance group participation. 


Upgrade 2: Interactive Whiteboards 

A digital version of the whiteboards of the past, interactive whiteboards are large, flat-panel displays that allow for direct engagement with whatever you are presenting.

Benefits of using an interactive whiteboard include:

  • More convenient real time notations
  • Increased participant engagement
  • Streamlined interactive collaboration

Upgrade 3: Multiview Technology

Multiview technology allows you to display 3D object information of 2D media. 

This conference room technology can prove especially helpful if you’re working in fields such as:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Planning

Upgrade 4: Integrated Audio 

The right audio components can make your AV solution stand apart in a major way. If you’re planning any amount of video conferencing or live webinars in your near future, you’ll want to ensure that your audio is fully integrated in a way that enhances everyone’s collective experience. 

Upgrade 5: Wireless Presentation Technology

With the right wireless presentation technology in place, it will be equally simple to present from your PC, tablet, or phone. Once you store your presentation on the cloud, you can access it from any device and share it with the group in a few clicks. 

3 Considerations for Your Conference Room AV System

The specific upgrades you make to your conference room will depend entirely on how you plan to spend the bulk of your time there.

  • Webinars
  • VIP events
  • Conference calls
  • Closed-door executive meetings
  • Check-ins with remote workers
  • In-person team meetings
  • Hybrid team meetings
  • Interviews

Perhaps it’s some combination of the above. 

Depending how you plan to use the space, one or more of these three considerations will take the front seat. 


3 AV Upgrade Considerations:

  1. Reliable internet, both wireless and wired. For nearly any meeting these days, smooth, high-powered internet is key. That’s why we’ve made it a stand-out feature of what we do. Learn more about Infassure’s structured wiring installation service. Click the link to see how we can help you strengthen your network and prevent business downtime.
  2. Cross-platform compatibility. Not having to convert your data or reformat your presentations is a huge time-saver. With cross-platform compatibility, all you have to focus on is the power of your message and the quality of your content. 
  3. Ease of use. Usability cannot be underrated. It will save you time at all levels, from employee onboarding/training to every aspect of your daily operations. Infassure solutions always prioritize ease of use, freeing you up to focus on what really matters to grow your business. 

The Infassure Solution

Infassure offers the latest audio visual technology for your business’s conference room AV system. 

Screen options for your conference room av system

Features of Infassure’s conference room av systems include:

  • The most advanced AV components
  • Professional design and installation
  • Fully customized solutions

Request a consultation to see how Infassure can help you upgrade your conference room AV system. We can help you design and install an audio video system that meets your needs. Learn more about our service by clicking the above link.