When it comes to houses of worship, we want the technology to fade into the background. It should just work – no fuss, no muss, no worries. In other words, keeping everyone’s focus right where it should be – on the act of worship.

Sanctuary Audio

It doesn’t matter if your worship space is mini or mega, you still need your PA system to deliver sound that is consistently clear. From line speaker arrays that keep every row of worshipers in the audio sweet spot to mixing desks that can handle as many feeds as you can throw at it, we’ll make sure every sacred sound reaches its intended audience.

Integrated Video

It’s well past time to retire the TV/VCR cart. Today’s modern worship facility features integrated sound and video, making everything from simulcasting and smart whiteboards to digital signage and innovative reconfigurable learning spaces possible. And, like everything else we do, it all just works.


Even when they’re not filled with people for services, worship centers are full of staff members and volunteers – often at odd hours of the day and night. Making a comprehensive security system that addresses the safety of personnel and property of paramount importance.

Infassure begins with access control, the most basic building block of a secure facility. Any (or all) doors can be equipped with card- and/or app-compatible smart locks. Making expensive rekeying a thing of the past.

“Safety in numbers” doesn’t just apply to people, it applies to cameras, too. Our networked camera systems save footage to digital video recorders – which not only helps with investigating any crimes that may occur but deters them from happening, as well. Unfortunately, sometimes bad people are intent on doing bad things. Often it’s to steal. Too often enough, it’s to harm people. To help mitigate these very real threats, we offer intrusion detection systems and duress systems (silent alarms). Both of which can automatically alert the authorities to the situation at hand.