When it comes to houses of worship and church security systems,  , we want the technology to fade into the background. It should just work – no fuss, no muss, no worries.

A place of worship should be a safe haven, where everyone feels secure and comfortable. Church security systems custom-designed by Infassure provide just that – peace of mind.

Our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly into any worship space. Infassure provides custom communication and security camera solutions that are easy to use so that you can focus on more important things.

Church Security Camera System

Church security is of paramount importance. Infassure has comprehensive and detailed alarm systems, access control, and video surveillance, so you’re always protected. The security measures we put in place will reinforce your defenses against intrusion — for yourself and your congregation.

Church Communications

Infassure communication systems can bring your religious institution into the modern age. 

We’re not about needlessly complicated technology — our systems work with an elegant simplicity that requires no mastery. And our top-notch structured cabling and WiFi solutions mean you’ll never be concerned about signal or connection again. 

Upgrade the worship experience with sanctuary audio or integrated video to help captivate your church members with the click of a button. 

Every building is different, and a house of worship is no exception. Infassure recognizes this, which is why we custom design each security camera and communication system to your needs. 

Why Church Security Systems Work

Your work in your house of worship requires you to wear many hats, which can often be the joy of it. And one of them includes creating a proper church security plan. Lean on the experts at Infassure.

Prevents Vandalism and Theft

Unfortunately, places of worship can be targeted for vandalism and theft. Some will look to take advantage of the “open arms” approach of your church, but with Infassure security systems, you can have a place of worship that’s as safe as it is welcoming. 

Surveillance cameras can help you identify any possible perpetrators, while an alarm system can stop them in their tracks. 

Protects Valuable Church Property

Churches are full of valuable items. A church security camera system ensures you have eyes on these valuable resources at all times. And properly designed and installed access control systems ensure your property is secure from theft.

Keep Church Staff and Congregation Safe

There’s a reason houses of worship are often pillars of their communities. They provide protection and assistance for everyone, and they’re a place to gather, share, and be at peace. 

Nothing disrupts this faster than criminal activity. But these things happen, and with Infassure church security systems, you’ll always be ready.

The Components of a Powerful Church Security System

There are layers to the best security camera system that suits your unique needs. The more layers you have, the more your church building is shielded from danger and todays threats.

Our Infassure technicians can mix and match different church security system components to meet your needs. We’ll walk you through what makes up a formidable commercial security system  including proper camera placement creating the best possible church surveillance system.

An access control system gives you the power over who can enter a location and when. You can create custom schedules to ensure that members or volunteers get where they need to go while keeping the church secure. 

Infassure access control systems include codes, smartcards, and entrance and exit tracking, so you know we’ll have an option that will suit your needs.

You can also restrict areas to specific employees or members to keep valuable property safe. And should you end up with a theft incident, you can view who entered the area and when to get closure on the situation. 

Brivo access control system, which is included in Infassure church security systems

Video Surveillance

Just like any other facility, houses of worship need to protect their property. Sadly, sacred spaces are not free from theft or vandalism, and criminals will seek to take advantage of a church’s openness.

Infassure designs video surveillance systems to your building’s needs. Our church security systems can be designed to monitor any building area, including the outside perimeter. The layout of every building is different, which is why you need a custom video surveillance system that provides complete coverage of your place of worship. 

With our video surveillance, you’ll always be aware of what’s happening. We offer simple technology for off-site monitoring via a mobile app so you can review the camera system video at any time. 

Intrusion Detection

A church is open in concept, but it’s not open to everyone all of the time. And with many people coming and going, from volunteers to clergy, their safety is a large part of your security solution. 

Protect property, church staff, and congregation members with alarm systems for doors, hallways, andr church rooms. You can arm them at certain times in specific areas, and this setup is another fundamental way to prevent theft or property destruction while keeping churchgoers safe.


No two churches are the same, so don’t settle for a cut-and-paste security system. Let Infassure help you with your security needs today, and we’ll craft a custom church security system that gives you protection where you need it most.


Our technology isn’t about keeping people out — it’s about inviting the right ones to the table. Reach out today to learn how we can help ensure peace of mind with a powerful church security system today.

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Church Communication Systems

Along with our security solutions, Infassure also provides communications solutions. An Infassure church communication system can update your church to fit the modern times and enhance the worship experience for everyone.

Audio Systems

The audio system can make or break a churchgoer’s experience. Our Infassure systems are the best designed in the business. 

With Infassure audio, any sound will shine throughout your place of worship — we guarantee it. Our approach will take the size and acoustics of your church into consideration, so everything from a sermon to a live concert will sound vibrant, joyous, and best of all, clear as day.

Video Systems

We have a wide array of video systems, including digital signage, smart whiteboards, and other video display options. Our team can also set up simulcasting to give you flexibility in broadcasting events or setting up reconfigurable learning spaces to make the most of multi-purpose areas. 

Best of all, our systems are easy to operate while still containing the  cutting-edge technology everyone associates with Infassure.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling systems offer a simple means to communicate through telephone services or computer networks. Modern structured cabling requires custom configuration to ensure it’s functioning correctly for you, and our technicians can assist with getting the network you need up and running in no time.

WiFi Solutions

Churches are all about connection, and with Infassure WiFi, you can take that to a new level. 

An Infassure professional can help you connect with your congregation through live streaming or uploading or streaming content to social media. And because you’re getting your WiFi from Infassure, you can be sure that it’s the most secure plan.

Protect Your Peace with Infassure Church Security Systems

Your place of worship deserves to stay peaceful for the sake of you and your community. Infassure’s custom church security systems will help protect you from theft or vandalism, while our communication systems will bring your community closer together. 

Our goal at Infassure is to make your life easier by bringing the future of safety and connection right to your door. Infassure engineers are masters in their field, and we’re proud to say that our team is dedicated to formulating creative solutions for our clients. 

We’ve been working with communities like yours for over 30 years and have developed our reputation as technology experts. So if you’re ready to hang up one of your hats and worship stress-free, contact us today to see how Infassure can help keep your congregation safe.

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