At Infassure, we don’t specialize in healthcare – yet we have just as much experience as many who do. But unlike the specialists, we don’t attach a premium charge to our premium service.

Instead, we do what we always do. Offer a single-source solution for your facilities technology needs that is both robust and budget-friendly. And code compliant at every level because, like we said, we have that experience.

We design these solutions ourselves using healthcare-specific product lines (when applicable), and then have it all installed and configured by, well, us again. We aren’t kidding about the single-source thing.




Nurse Call, Code Blue, and Mobile Duress systems are always desired and often mandated by code. We understand the nuances and challenges of each and can design systems that exceed whatever requirements you have, or the physical design of your facilities demands.


Maintaining a secure location is a multi-pronged endeavor. Fortunately, we have extensive experience in every, well, prong imaginable. From smart access controls to modern networked surveillance gear to foolproof intrusion and duress systems, we make “safety first” the last thing you need to worry about.


We’ve been running cable since Day 1 in 1985. We make sure that every foot of copper or fiber – in the air, through the walls or under the ground – is prepared to be the backbone of your network for decades to come.


We don’t simply design and install networks. We design and install networks built for the seemingly conflicting needs of healthcare facilities – fantastic reliability and performance that doesn’t require an IT department (because there’s a good chance you don’t have one). Then we go a bit further, ensuring they are low-maintenance, simple-to-use, and budget friendly.


Oftentimes, certain A/V equipment is required for code reasons. Just as frequently, a facility’s A/V needs are to make life easier and more enjoyable for the people they serve. To both ends, we provide integrated solutions for Paging & Music, Sound Masking and Video Displays that make even the most clinical environment a pleasure to spend time in.

Who We Do It For

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

We engineer and install integrated systems for door access, surveillance, duress, networking, nurse call, code blue, and audio-visual requirements of ASCs. This holistic design/install process reduces costs and simplifies construction.

Medical Practices

Infassure helps a wide variety of medical practices evaluate, design and deploy the office technology they need. Whether it’s a new build, remodel or relocation, Infassure solves and simplifies their technology needs.

Senior Living Facilities

Infassure only uses product lines that are specifically designed to meet the operational and code requirements of independent and assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities. We will also be at your side for TDAD inspections and on-going support when you need us.

Freestanding Emergency Rooms

The unique nature of Freestanding Emergency Rooms comes with an equally unique set of challenges. Like meeting strict code requirements without the budgetary resources of a hospital. Or designing technology solutions that are simple enough to work without on-site IT support while dealing with a constant flow of new users. These and other challenges may seem daunting, but relax. We’ve been here before.