Access control systems put you in control when it comes to protecting your assets and employees alike. With top-of-the-line solutions, such as biometric access control systems and mobile access, Infassure’s security system installers in the  Dallas Forth Worth area will put the power of technology on your side.

Infassure is your trusted triple-threat for Web-based and on-premise access control system solutions: we’ll design, install, and service a system that prioritizes your needs and security above all.

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Advanced Protection that Simplifies Security

Today’s modern access control systems make it possible to fully regulate movement through your facility, whether you’re managing a small Dallas office or a large industrial complex. From single-door control to a solution that’s scaled for hundreds of entry/exit points, Infassure can do it all.

When it’s one of your employees that puts your business at risk, even the best access control system can’t keep them out. With an advanced solution from Infassure, you have all the details you need to track and eliminate the issue.

From offices to warehouses to schools to senior living facilities, controlling who gets in – both to the building and individual spaces – has never been more important. A properly designed and installed access control system helps:

  • Provide a safe work environment.
  • Prevent theft.
  • Reduce the cost and inconvenience of periodic re-keying.
  • Log employee attendance.
  • Support emergency protocols, such as lock-downs and mustering.
  • Remotely manage and monitor physical access to the office.
  • Safeguard critical data and secured company information
  • Create a welcoming environment for clients and staff while simultaneously protecting your business

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Finally, current times have made it more critical than ever to make safety a priority. Infassure has lined up a series of features that will help you operate responsibly, including:

  • Self-screening tools.
  • Customized health questionnaires as a requirement for building entry.
  • Restricted access for personnel that fail screening.
  • Proactive measures for contact reporting, including reports detailing potential exposure incidents.

Turnkey Security Solutions with Premium Technology

Your security systems are most effective (and easiest to manage) when they work together. That’s why Infassure offers access control systems that full integrate with intrusion and video surveillance systems. By balancing affordability and functionality, Infassure’s turnkey surveillance systems in Dallas are the smart security solution you’ve been searching for. And every access control event in your security log is automatically linked to visual evidence allowing a simple and effective way of bringing commercial security to a new level.

You gain the ability to monitor and restrict building entry and also benefit from the added security of constant surveillance:

  • Keep an eye on your business while you’re on-site and away, choosing between on-premise and cloud-based options as needed.
  • Get a clear idea of what’s going on with high-res cameras that you can control remotely.
  • Check-in anytime with night-vision and all-weather operation.
  • Balance budget and technology by choosing between different cameras, network options, recording capabilities, and more.

Customized Access Control Solutions in the Dallas Area

Don’t settle for a system that requires you to make unwanted changes to your routines and protocols. Instead, the best access control solution is one that can flex to fit your needs.

At Infassure, our access control solutions are designed and implemented by our own staff – installers, cablers, door techs, and IT gurus who have seen it all and solved it all. Not only does this help us offer smarter solutions, but it also saves our clients money too. Many of our customers report savings of up to 25-40% versus prices our competition quoted them.

Our solutions are networked, browser- and app-controllable, and compatible with common industry standards. Which means total control for you, and access with a single card for employee access.

Features and options of our systems include:

  • Both on-premise and Cloud-based solutions.
  • A variety of credentials, including smartphones, biometrics, cards, badges, key fobs, and stick-on disks.
  • The option to use a keypad or a combination of keypad and an access control card.
  • The option to use biometrics, such as fingerprints.
  • A software API to allow interfacing with existing applications, such as HR systems.
  • Scalable systems for a single door, small office, full building, campus, or worldwide enterprise.
  • Simple integration into surveillance systems. Your existing security platform, including surveillance and intrusion systems.
  • Optional Active Directory integration.

Unlike our competitors, many of which only offer generic security system solutions, Infassure custom-designs each system down to the very last detail.

Professional Access Control Installation in Dallas, TX from Infassure

These days, an out-of-the-box security system just doesn’t cut it. Your building needs the safeguard of an access control system, and it needs it now.

Infassure designs, installs, and services access control solutions, working with clients in all industries to craft a system that meets their needs. Our diverse range of expertise, commitment to service and innovation, and industry know-how has made Infassure a leading commercial tech solution provider.

Discover the convenience, added security, and invaluable insight offered by the right access control Dallas solution for you. 

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