From offices to warehouses to schools to senior living facilities, controlling who gets in – both to the building and individual spaces – has never been more important. A properly designed and install access control system helps:

  • Provide a safe work environment
  • Prevent theft
  • Reduce the cost and inconvenience of periodic re-keying
  • Log employee attendance
  • Support emergency protocols such as lock-downs and mustering
  • Remotely manage and monitor physical access to the office

Custom Access Control Solutions in Dallas, TX

At Infassure, our access control solutions and designed and implemented by our own staff – installers, cablers, door techs and IT gurus who have seen it all and solved it all. Not only does this help us offer smarter solutions, it saves our clients money, too. Many of our customers have reported savings of 25-40% versus prices they were quoted by our competition.

Our solutions are networked, browser- and app-controllable, and compatible with common industry standards. Which means total control for you, and access with a single card for your employees.

Access Card Readers & More

Features and options of our systems include:

  • Both on-premise and Cloud-based solutions
  • A variety of credentials including cards, badges, key fobs, and stick-on disks
  • The option to use a keypad or a combination of keypad and card
  • The option to use biometrics, such as fingerprints
  • A software API to allow interfacing with existing applications, such as HR systems
  • Scalable systems for a single door, small office, full building, campus, or worldwide enterprise
  • Simple integration into surveillance systems
  • Optional Active Directory integration

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