Structured Wiring and Cabling Services

Infassure offers state-of-the-art structured wiring and cabling services. To the untrained eye, a cable plant – the physical copper wires and optical fiber that connect devices – may resemble the nervous system of a multi-tentacled alien beast. But make no mistake, this structured wiring is the backbone of your entire communications network.

With a proven track record of excellence, we specialize in transforming your network infrastructure into a seamlessly connected powerhouse. Whether it’s data cabling, voice cabling, or other structured cabling systems, our certified technicians ensure efficiency and reliability every step of the way. Discover how our tailored services can elevate your business network to new heights of performance and organization.

Structured Wiring Systems

At Infassure, our goal with every installation is to build strong, yet balanced, cable plants. Balanced between budget and capacity. Between current needs and future demands.

Between dependability and…well, we never sacrifice dependability.

While we traditionally think of a structured cable system as supporting computers and telephones, today it provides the backbone for your audio system, video system, and security systems as well. As an expert at AV, security, telecommunications , AND structured wiring we provide the perfect cabling solution.

Find out how you can build a firm foundation with our data cabling and structured wiring services at Infassure. Once you have the right cable wiring in place, any communication, audio, video, or security upgrade is possible.

Comprehensive Designs

When i comes to structured wiring, a  comprehensive design means an effective way to untangle your cabling system. Complicated or inadequate wiring means trouble for your company.  We use the latest technology for any size project including backbone cabling and other wiring products.

We start with a design that takes every factor into account and leaves you room to grow your communications network with the latest technology. Don’t let a few patch cables or connectors prevent you from getting the most out of your business.

Efficient Installation of Structured Wiring

Structure wiring is almost always time-critical. Whether it is an expansion or upgrade that must occur outside work hours or new construction with a tight schedule, it is critical that you partner with a firm that can efficiently project manage your job and deliver on time.

Whether upgrading from Cat 5e to Cat 6 cable for better performance, adding fiber optic cables for high-speed backbones, or replacing hundreds of feet of coaxial cable, the job requires skilled hands and deep experience. Let’s work together to meet your deadlines and deliver optimal connectivity to your employees and customers.

Reliable Cabling Infrastructure Warranty

Our manufacturer-backed warranty means you can have peace of mind for a quarter of a century or more. It takes a professional team to deliver that kind of reliable warranty, so work with your local leaders in structured cabling, A/V, security, and communication technology.

Let our team install your complete structured wiring panel and complete system; we will  handle any issues with a warranty that brings peace of mind.

Expand your company by taking advantage of our innovative network cabling installation services. Ensure dependable and sharp video, audio clarity, communication speed, and property safety to stay ahead of your industry.

Find out how professional offices , industrial buildings, hotels , houses of worship , regional hospitality chains, and global healthcare companies have all updated and untangled their technology with our structured cabling services.

Contact Infassure for Your Structured Wiring Solutions

So if you need a thousand cable drops? No worries. Want a pure fiber optic cable plant? Done it. A manufacturer-backed structured wiring system warranty that lasts a quarter-century?

But of course. A structured cabling system that will meet your needs for the next decade without taking an equal amount of time to pay off? Once again, we’re very budget-friendly. Contact Infassure to see how we can help your business with structured wiring today.

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