Infassure provides expert technical services to a wide variety of industries to businesses in the Dallas, TX area. See what our capabilities are and how our technological solutions can help your company!


Infassure offers a single-source solution for your facilities’ technology needs that is both robust and budget-friendly. And code compliant at every level because, as we said, we have that healthcare experience.

We design these solutions ourselves using healthcare-specific product lines (when applicable), and then have it all installed and configured by, well, us again. We aren’t kidding about the single-source thing.


Our decades of expertise in the fast-paced, ever-evolving field of hospitality can help alleviate one of the major pain points of employees and guests alike by implementing an integrated solution that works when it has to. Which is always.

Houses of Worship

When it comes to houses of worship, we want the technology to fade into the background. It should just work – no fuss, no muss, no worries. 


From tying together audio/visual, security, wiring, and communications across multiple, massive spaces with one unifying solution, to the demands of installation those spaces present. No worries. Infassure has solved these industrial tech issues across hundreds of projects covering tens of millions of square feet.

Professional Services

While cabling must still be transparently robust (and we do, of course, handle such needs), the impact technology can have on the day-to-day functions of professional services firms has greatly expanded. From meeting spaces people actually want to meet into making the overall office environment a friendly place to be, Infassure can make it happen.