For most companies, success is closely tied to how well they communicate – among their own teams, to vendors and partners, and to their clients and customers. Often that communication begins (and sadly ends) with the technology being used to, well, communicate.

Today, it is possible to piece together systems with razor-sharp video, pristine audio, and other, more futuristic features without blowing up your budget. But trying to do so yourself can leave you feeling more confused than confident.

The much easier solution is to call us. Because we haven’t just seen it all – from the rise of fax machines to VoIP to wireless conferencing – we’ve used, installed and mastered it all, too.

So instead of getting hype, you get the real, easy-to-use, works-when-you-need-it deal.

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Communication Solutions Available from Infassure

For your team, communication is at the heart of virtually everything you do – but for so many businesses and organizations, their current set-up falls far short of the mark. Instead of serving as a source of frustration, your communication systems and solutions should empower your team to work smarter, not harder.

Think of the Infassure team as your go-to source for all things communication, with all the experience and skill you need (and none of the outdated equipment you don’t). For businesses and organizations in Dallas, TX searching for communication systems and solutions both locally and on a national scale, we have options to suit you.

Dallas Video Conferencing (local- and cloud-based)

There’s nothing that compares to an in-person meeting unless you’re set up for high-quality video-conferencing. Convenient, immersive, and more affordable than expanding the travel budget, video conferencing is an option with excellent flexibility.

Infassure can put video conferences just a click away, customizing a system that suits your budget, space, and vision. Whether you’re ready to invest in a full-room set-up with cutting-edge features, or you’re simply looking for a desktop or BYOD (bring your own device) solution, we have you covered.

Our solutions support the full range of cloud-based platforms that have become staples to conducting business, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts and all the rest.

Whole-room audio conferencing in Dallas

Conference calls don’t have a reputation as the pinnacle of professional communication, but that’s because too many conference systems are stuck in the 1990s. Leave the dropped calls and fuzzy feedback behind and step into the future with Dallas audio conferencing installations from Infassure.

Our expert team designs and installs whole-room audio conferencing solutions, incorporating multiple microphones, ceiling-mounted speakers, and digital processing for a frustration-free experience. Options include wireless microphones, multiple platform integrations, and more.

Telephone systems

Infassure has spent decades supporting, upgrading, and troubleshooting virtually every brand and type of phone system on the market. Now, we’ve used our experience and insider know-how to focus on just one brand: Allworx.

Unlike their competitors, most of which have simply cut and pasted new technology onto old platforms, Allworx engineered their system with first-class features from the beginning. As a result, your Dallas business will have the advantage of one of the industry’s most advanced telephone solutions, and you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues and long-term viability. You’ll also enjoy 90% of the features of a high-end system features, at about 30-50% less cost – you can see why Allworx is the first choice of industry experts.

Allworx boasts a diverse range of distinctive features, including:

● Support for analog, PRI, and SIP phone systems

● Configurable as a Key System or PBX

● Efficient conferencing

● Full VoIP support (including softphones and remote workers)

● Unified messaging with voice mail via email

● Multi-site support, with a united directory and 3/4 digit calling

● Call recording

● Windows-based on-screen (desktop) display for easy call management

● Up to 9 auto-attendants

● Call recording

● Advanced routing (such as “follow me”)

● Presence management

● Automatic Call Distribution and other call center applications

● Smartphone integration

Dallas Telecom system transitions (cutovers)

If your team uses a telecom system that’s even just five years old, there’s a good chance that an upgrade is overdue. Telecom innovation is moving at a fast and furious pace – why not make the most of available technology?

For plenty of businesses, a telecom system transition is frustrating but necessary. From selecting new equipment to figuring out the logistics of redesigned paging systems, cutovers can be a tangled mess.

But not when you hand the task over to Infassure. We’ll ensure that it’s smooth, stress-free sailing to your new and improved telecom system.

Telecom system activations (turnups)

For businesses and organizations that are starting from scratch, Infassure delivers complete telecom system design and activation. All you’ll need to do is tell us what you need and want, and we’ll handle the rest.

After more than thirty years in the industry, we’ve worked on projects that span anywhere from 10,000 square feet to 1,000,000 and larger. It’s unlikely that your space will present any problem we’ve never seen before – but if it does, we’ll solve it.

Telecom Consultation in Dallas, TX

Not sure what kind of telecom system is the best option? You could always just go with an easy choice and hope for the best, but that’s a good way to lose out on money and time. Instead, let’s set up a telecom consultation, bringing you and our telecom experts together to develop a smart and simple plan.