The modernization of technology has caused the commercial security industry to explode over the past few years. Commercial building security systems are now more advanced than ever, far surpassing CCTV surveillance equipment of the past.

If you’re looking to equip your business with the most recent security technology, then Infassure will be able to craft, build, and implement a flawless security solution for your company. From intrusion detection and prevention to surveillance cameras, the security experts at Infassure are ready to outfit your facility today.

Our security solutions are all available online through a mobile app, which means that you’ll have complete control – 24/7.

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What makes a commercial building security system?

When it comes to security systems, there are six main types that are frequently used. Each of these occupies a different part of keeping your business safe. They can be summarized as:

Intrusion Alarm Systems – Notification alarms that will sound when a part of your building is breached. These commercial building alarm systems are triggered by events and will alert you when security has been compromised.

Access Control Systems – By integrating smart locks, ID badges, and credential readers, you can ensure that only authorized personnel can access certain areas on premises. Learn more about our access control options here

Video Surveillance Systems – Security cameras that monitor your space include cutting-edge AI analytics that give you the ability to survey for suspicious activity and prevent crime in and around your facility. Learn more about our video surveillance options here.

Cybersecurity Systems – In the modern age, digital documents are just as valuable as in-person files. Due to this, anti-virus, data encryption, and firewalls are vital for protecting your business.

Emergency Systems – Our security solutions can integrate with your existing fire alarm systems to ensure your company remains safe in the event of a disaster.

Sensors – These sensors help to monitor environmental factors around your facility such as humidity, moisture, smoke, and other potentially threatening conditions. 

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The Benefits

Commercial building security systems keep your business, and its assets, safe at all times. From preventing theft to safeguarding your data, a safety system will accommodate your business’ security needs.

A great commercial building security system can provide the following benefits for your company:

  • Provide a safe work environment
  • Log employee attendance
  • Support emergency protocols
  • Minimize health risks in regard to COVID-19

Let’s take a closer look at these four benefits.


Provide a safe work environment

Both your business and your employees deserve to exist in a safe and protected environment. From personal safety matters to your company’s general security, a commercial building security system will ensure your workforce feels secure in their workplace.


Log Employee Attendance

Security functions like signing employees in and out of the building with personalized keycards will also allow you to keep track of your employees. This is an additional benefit, the signing-in process making sure that only authorized personnel are allowed in the building.

You’ll be able to control who enters and leaves your workplace, improving the general safety of your building and staff. You’ll also have a computerized list of employee timings, letting you keep an eye on staff productivity while also protecting your business.


Support Emergency Protocols

Commercial building security systems accommodate for a whole range of emergency protocols that your business may need to operate. With these systems in place, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently respond to a variety of threats.

Instead of hesitation, your business will be able to react and ensure the complete safety of your staff and company assets.


Minimize Health Risks

Alongside direct benefits to the security of your staff, by using a commercial building security system, you’ll be able to maintain a closer health record of those than enter into your building. With per entry health questionnaires and temperature scanners, you’ll be able to ensure your staff stays healthy.

Minimizing the health risks of your staff ensures they can continue to work to a high standard, keeping your whole team safe and your business running smoothly.

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Security Integrations

No matter the field, systems work best when they integrate and work together. While one system may have its benefits, those are doubled when supported by a range of compatible tools. By ensuring a smooth connection between your video surveillance system, access control system, and alarms, you can optimize both visibility and security.

Infassure’s team of security experts will be able to create a plan that includes everything your business needs, changing the central tools to fit your budget and scale.

Our services can include the following benefits:

Accessible – All security systems we create have mobile app access, allowing you to log in and check on the security of your business, no matter the hour.

State of the art cameras – From all-weather and night vision to the latest high-resolution cameras, your video surveillance system will be able to capture every instant of the day.

Software integration – Adapting security systems to integrate into HR systems through our intelligence API will bring a new level of cohesion to your business.

Biometric options – Biometrics is an expanding field, one that can provide your business with an additional level of security.

Speed – Our security systems can integrate and build upon what you already have, making sure your business can improve its safety in a matter of days.

And these are only the beginning! If you’re looking to boost the security of your business, minimize risks, and put the safety of your staff first, then why not get in contact with Infassure today.

We’ll be able to walk you through the process and design the perfect security system for you. Contact us today!

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Final Thoughts

No matter your reason for wanting to improve your commercial building security, thanks to technology, there is a vast range of steps you can take.

If you want a complete breakdown of all possible services and how exactly they can benefit your business, be sure to reach out to the Infassure team. With years of experience, we are able to build commercial building security systems that fit directly to your company’s needs.

For a more secure system, choose Infassure.

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