Let’s be honest, “intrusion” is a nicer-sounding name for good (bad?) old-fashioned burglary. And a burglary of your business isn’t just intrusive, it’s often downright disruption. Aside from property damage and purloined equipment, you can be facing costly downtime, data loss, compromised IP and other issues you may not discover for days or even weeks.

Not all intrusion systems are created equally, and a subpar security system can leave your property – and your assets – at risk. The best security systems are the ones that are specifically customized for each property, ensuring that maximum protection has been achieved. Infassure creates intrusion solutions with maximum scalability, allowing you to cover a virtually endless amount of space across your property.

Are you working with a challenging configuration of zones? No problem – Infassure has you covered. We’ll tailor specialized features such as entry and exit time delay, motion detectors, magnetic contacts, shock and pressure sensors, and glass break detectors according to your top priorities.

Online Configuration and Management of Monitoring

Expand, customize, and enhance monitoring as needed, utilizing online access for maximum convenience. Skip the hassle of contacting your security provider every time you need access, putting you back in charge of your property at all times.

Adjust settings, customize preferences, and configure system set-up through a customized online platform. Infassure will help you select the solution that matches your personal preferences, property needs, and preferred management approach, making security simpler than ever.

Remote Management via Smartphone

Whether you’re on the premises or hundreds of miles away, you need to know that your property is protected from unwanted intrusions. Infassure designs, installs, and implements state-of-the-art intrusion systems with remote management, putting security directly in the palm of your hand.

Easy-to-use smartphone apps give you full control over your system, directly mirroring the existing keyboard for hassle-free operation. Instead of feeling bogged down by a complex application, you’ll be ready to use the app at a moment’s notice.

Integration with Surveillance and Access Control

In the event of a security incident, you need to be able to access all aspects of your system quickly and easily. Instead of wasting valuable time navigating separate systems, let Infassure integrate your intrusion, access control, and surveillance systems for across-the-board usability.

From a single smartphone app or dashboard, you’ll gain the ability to access and control your entire security system in seconds. When an intrusion occurs, just a few taps put you back in control and ready to take the appropriate action.

Not sure how integration might benefit your existing set-up? Infassure can provide a professional assessment to help you determine how to streamline your system and processes using the advantage of integration and smart app access.

Hardwired or Wireless Systems

Making the choice between a hardwired or wireless system comes down the nature of your facility – and Infassure can help you make an informed decision that serves your goals. Having installed intrustion systems in virtually every type of environment, our deep experience ensures that you will have the guidance you need to make smart choices. We provide a full range of hardwired and wireless security systems, each one delivering a unique combination of features and set-up options. Depending on what you need, Infassure will design, install, and set up a full security system tailored for your property.