Investing in the right business communication systems means investing in the growth, collaboration, and success of your organization. Strong and effective communication is crucial to the performance of any team, whether you’re working with in-house employees or remote staff. 

86% of employees blame ineffective business communication and collaboration for some of their biggest workplace failures. Ensuring you have the tools you need to align team members, share information, and connect with vendors, contractors, or clients, guarantees your corporate or small  business will thrive. 

That’s why, at Infassure, we work with every company, to build the best business communication system from scratch, combining design, installation, integration, and more. 

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The Value of  a Professional Communication System

A strong, phone system is critical to any company’s operations. However, keeping teams connected has become more complex in recent years. As the digital world has evolved, and new communication tools (i.e. cloud communications) have emerged, businesses need more advanced, scalable communication systems.

A truly scalable communication ecosystem should empower teams to collaborate and share knowledge in a variety of ways. Employees should be able to connect securely with both colleagues and clients using intuitive desks and mobile phones. In addition, this type of solution should make life easier for your remote worker. After all, today’s team communication requires solutions that go above traditional phone systems and phone calls – instant messaging, file sharing, screen sharing are just some of the common day tools.

Investing in the right business communication solutions doesn’t just boost employee productivity, engagement, and efficiency. It also helps organizations to bridge knowledge and data gaps, strengthen company culture, and improve relationships with external partners and clients.


Business Communication Systems from Infassure

The modern business communication stack consists of a variety of different tools and resources. Aligning the workforce, empowering teams, and delivering excellent customer service requires companies to invest in a fully comprehensive toolkit and unified communication.. 

At Infassure, we utilize our years of experience in sound and video engineering to create the workplace communication solution (including integrations) for every client. We offer collaboration tools such as:

  • Business phone system: A phone system is still an essential part of modern business communications. Our experts in telephone installation and configuration will ensure you can find the right tools for PBX functionality, smartphone integration, VoIP (IP phones), advanced routing, and even call recording. We even offer a range of analog, PRI, and SIP phone systems to choose from.
  • Audio conferencing systems: Combining world-class microphone technology with intuitively designed workspace, our audio conferencing solutions bring teams together with enhanced functionality. Our systems boost meeting engagement and inclusion, with flawless sound quality, easy-to-use technology, and efficient software. 
  • Video conferencing systems: Bridge the gaps between hybrid, office, and remote employees with a comprehensive video conferencing system. Our video conferencing solutions make it easy to simulate face-to-face conversations with contacts wherever they are. We can even configure meeting rooms for Zoom, Google, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Transforming Business Communication

With years of experience in consulting, configuration, design, and integration for business communication solutions,  Infassure’s professional services can help you keep your team connected. 

We work closely with every client to create the ecosystems they need to match their meeting room size, budget, and other business needs. Plus, we don’t just help you find the right solutions, we ensure you can make the most of every tool you implement. Our expert installation and integration services will get your technology stack aligned and working smoothly in no time.

Discover how Infassure can help you to unlock the true benefits of exceptional business communication systems  – and ask about our installation services (including training).

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