After decades of experience supporting, upgrading, and troubleshooting almost every type and brand of phone system imaginable, we now focus on one brand – Allworx.

We made this strategic decision for several reasons. First, Allworx built their system from the ground up with the latest technologies supporting the most current and robust protocols, like SIP and other IP-based solutions. Many of their competitors have merely tacked-on this technology to existing (as in old) platforms, complicating compatibility and gambling with future viability.

Second, we found that the Allworx platform delivers 90% of the features as higher-end systems, but at 30% – 50% less cost. And that 10% of features it doesn’t have? Few of our clients have actually missed even one.

Allworx systems offer these features, among many more:

  • Configurable as a Key System or PBX so it works the way you are already used to
  • Unified messaging with voice mail delivered via e-mail
  • Support for analog, PRI and SIP phone services
  • Full VoIP support, including remote workers and soft phones
  • Powerful conferencing
  • Multi-site support, with 3/4 digit calling and unified directory
  • Windows-based on-screen (desktop) display for call management
  • Call recording
  • Up to 9 auto-attendants
  • Automatic Call Distribution and other call center applications
  • Advanced routing such as “follow-me”
  • Presence management
  • Smart phone integration for managing presence, conference calls and voice mail

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