In the not-so-distant past, offices for professionals such as attorneys, accountants, consultants and the like mainly limited their technology needs to fairly simple network cable installations and a few TVs in meeting rooms. How times have changed.

While cabling must still be transparently robust (and we do, of course, handle such needs), the impact technology can have on the day-to-day functions of professional services firms has greatly expanded. From meeting spaces people actually want to meet in to making the overall office environment a friendly place to be, Infassure can make it happen.

For more than 30 years, Infassure has excelled at helping companies of all sizes upgrade and optimize their technology, specializing in corporate AV systems and commercial security. With advanced AV systems, companies in various industries can elevate their operations, unlocking seamless communication and collaboration, creativity, and improved security. 

Virtually every corporate sector, from the legal landscape, to accounting, and even marketing, benefits from access to high-quality audio and video technology. At Infassure, we combine expertise, technical knowledge, and industry know-how to help you unlock the potential of the best corporate AV systems.

Premium Corporate AV Systems 

At Infassure, we take a client-centric approach to implementing the right technology for corporate offices and businesses. Every solution we offer is tailored to your specific needs, space, and budget. Our complete commercial AV system and installation service covers the following:

  • Video conferencing systems: In an age of Zoom rooms and remote collaboration, the right video conferencing system is crucial to synergizing your workforce. With Infassure video conferencing systems, you can combine innovation with ease of use, simplifying the transition to the world of remote and hybrid work. 
  • Audio conferencing: Clear and consistent audio is essential to business communications. Our audio conferencing solutions will ensure every employee in your team has a voice. We work with you to select and install the audio technologies that empower your team. 
  • Office sound masking: In today’s open office environments, almost everything is a distraction—from clacking keyboards to not-so-confidential client calls. While we can’t give everyone a corner office with a soundproof door, we can give your office a sound masking solution that is transparent, adaptable, and surprisingly affordable.
  • Paging: Our intelligent paging systems are designed to cut through the clamour of factories, offices, and warehouses, all while avoiding hot spots and dead zones. We can even help integrate your technology into your existing phone system.

Custom-Designed AV System for Your Unique Needs

Every commercial space is different. That’s why we always design a solution that’s specific to our client’s needs. We can help you build the ultimate meeting space, whether you’re investing in a new conference room, huddle space, or new boardrooms.  

From basic big screens and wireless screen sharing, to smart whiteboards, video conferencing and more, we’ll make your meeting spaces collaborative and productive. 

Our expertise in audiovisual equipment also means we can help to create a range of other unique spaces for each business, such as:

  • Reception areas/lobbies: Often the first point of contact for clients and visitors, your reception areas and lobbies should make a lasting impression. Our advanced AV solutions, interactive displays, and sound systems can transform this space into an unforgettable, dynamic environment for brand communication. 
  • Break rooms: More than just a place to disconnect and relax, break rooms can serve as a space for collaboration, training sessions, and impromptu meetings. High-quality sound systems and integrated solutions in these spaces can foster productivity and relaxation.
  • Control rooms: Forming the heart of critical operations in sectors like logistics, manufacturing, and security, the control room relies heavily on high-quality AV technology. We can help you choose the ideal control system and video wall to keep your teams up-to-date with real-time data. 
  • Open workspaces: Open and flexible workspaces can encourage collaboration and interaction among team members. The right audiovisual solution can be vital to facilitating workshops, virtual meetings, and presentations within these spaces. They can even help to separate crucial areas for focus and collaborative work.


Other Services We Offer

Corporate AV systems represent one of our key focus areas here at Infassure, but we also offer expertise and assistance in a range of other areas. For instance, we can help you choose, implement, and optimize:

Security Systems 

With Infassure, you can unlock the benefits of a fully integrated security system, offering a holistic approach to safeguarding personnel, data, and corporate assets. Our security systems are fully integrated, with comprehensive access controls, video surveillance tools, and access to state-of-the-art intrusion prevention solutions. 

Communication Systems Services

Communication is essential in any business—and not just in the meeting room. To synchronize your team, you need a communication system that supports internal and external connections with exceptional reliability and consistency. At Infassure, we offer a range of communication solutions, from audio conferencing and video conferencing systems to business phone systems. 

Structured Wiring and Cabling Services

Structured wiring is more important to your business than you might realize. It’s crucial to ensure you can access reliable and scalable network connectivity in an increasingly digital world. At Infassure, we can help you create the structured wiring and cabling system best suited to act as the backbone for your entire communications network. 

Corporate AV Systems from Infassure

With an enduring commitment to excellence, decades of expertise, and a proven track record in delivering state-of-the-art AV and security solutions, Infassure stands as the perfect partner for transforming your commercial space. 

In addition to corporate environments, we also offer specialized services catered to:


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