In the not-so-distant past, offices for professionals such as attorneys, accountants, consultants and the like mainly limited their technology needs to fairly simple network cable installations and a few TVs in meeting rooms. How times have changed.

While cabling must still be transparently robust (and we do, of course, handle such needs), the impact technology can have on the day-to-day functions of professional services firms has greatly expanded. From meeting spaces people actually want to meet in to making the overall office environment a friendly place to be, Infassure can make it happen.

Meeting Spaces

In some ways, every meeting space is the same. In other ways, quite different. That’s why we start the design process with one of our proven A/V templates and customize from there. It streamlines the process and, yes, streamlining does equal cost savings.

From basic big screens and wireless screen sharing, to smart whiteboards, video conferencing and, of course, more, we’ll make your meeting spaces collaborative and productive without the need for a chaperone from IT.

But wait, there’s more. Not only can we give your meeting areas technology and makeover, we can even create a multi-purpose space that allows for easy reconfiguration. One minute it’s a traditional room with a board table. The next, a classroom. Peek in later in the day and it might be divided into two or three smaller spaces, each with their own A/V setups. It’s highly innovative and space-efficient. Yet not astronomical in price.

Sound Masking

It’s the little things that make life special. It’s also the little things that drive people – even buttoned-up professional types – to distraction. And the biggest of those little things is extraneous noise.

In today’s airier office environments, almost everything is a distraction – from clacking keyboards to not-so-confidential client calls. Such is life in our shared workspace world. But while we can’t give everyone a corner office with a thick, soundproof door, we can give your office a sound masking solution that is transparent, adaptable and surprisingly affordable.