Audio Conferencing

If 2021 showed the world of business one thing, it’s that flexible forms of communication aren’t going anywhere. Now more than ever, your business needs to be able to meet remotely with a commercial audio system allowing you to reach out to other companies and employees alike for seamless audio calls.

Our whole-room commercial audio systems ensure that communication goes off without a hitch. Instead of the typical disruptions, like being unable to hear or having to repeat yourself, Infassure’s team of audio engineers have developed a flawless system of audio communication.

Commercial Audio System

A commercial audio system, or an audio conferencing system, connects two or more people in disparate locations, using a variety of audio tools in order to allow the parties to have an uninterrupted line of communication. 

What distinguishes a speaker system from communication over the telephone is that these systems rely on state-of-the-art microphones that allow everyone in the room to be heard at all times. Instead of huddling around a central microphone and hoping it picks the speaker up, you can rest assured that an audio conferencing system will pick up every word spoken with crystal clear quality. .

How does a commercial audio system benefit the work environment?

Communication is the backbone of any organization. Whether forming lines of connection between various departments or handling external business, a system that allows you to discuss freely is essential.

This audio installation can be especially useful in conference rooms. Our commercial audio video installation team can recommend useful features to improve your conference room audio quality. Using surface mount speakers vastly improves sound quality for users who may be in different parts of the world. Multiple speakers can also be installed in different areas with a single point of control.

The main benefits of commercial audio systems and audio conferencing systems are:

  • Accessibility – With these systems, no one has to fight to be heard. With microphones in every position and catch-all state-of-the-art technologies, you’ll never have to repeat yourself in a meeting again.
  • Efficiency – Instead of sending email after email to find a solution to a work problem, you’ll be able to quickly hop on a call, enabling rapid communication between your workforce.
  • Embracing Digital Workforces – If your business, like many others, is moving towards working with freelance or remote talent, then a commercial audio sound system allows you to stay in the loop, 24/7.
  • Reliability – Instead of relying on older forms of technology in your commercial space, you’ll be able to sync your audio conference system directly with Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft teams. 

And these are only the beginning, with an efficient audio conferencing system completely changing the way your business communicates. 

A custom design for your business

Every business has different needs, especially when it comes to the size, scope, and scale of daily communication. With this in mind, Infassure always works with businesses to design a commercial sound system that fits their goals. 

From including specific features to working within your budget, our sound-engineer experts will always be able to find a solution that suits your organization.

Perfect for a private office or public boardroom

No matter the size, whether you intend to use the system for one-on-one communication or a whole board room, we’ll be able to design the perfect sound system strategy for you. 

With scaling models depending on how many personnel you predict will be using commercial sound systems in your conference rooms, you’ll be able to customize your room setup. 

Innovating, cutting edge, integrated

From lapel mics to smart screens, our advanced presentation technology is at the forefront of the audiovisual industry. Our designs are built to be echo-free, feedback-free, and crystal clear by working with advanced DPSs (Digital Signal Processors). By  No matter what you’re looking for, we have the cutting-edge tools to deliver. 

Both affordable and functional (pick the tools you need)

We understand that every business is working with a different budget. We’ve taken this and run with it, developing a consulting strategy that will help us find out exactly what you need. 

By walking us through your business, our sound engineers will help design a model that incorporates all the tools you need, creating the perfect system for your business.

New construction or upgrading existing spaces

If you’re looking for a completely new construction, our engineers will create a customized plan based on your goals and the floor space you have available. 

Alternatively, if your business already has an audio conference space, we’ll be able to scope out your current model and make upgrades. We’ll make your space as good as new, creating the perfect audio conferencing solution for you. 

Equipment for the job

Here’s just a selection of the world-class equipment that our business offers:

  • Wired or wireless options – Depending on your budget and company goals, you’ll be able to select a microphone system that works for you.
  • Handhelds or lapel mics for presenters – If you’re on the go or giving a PowerPoint presentation, a lapel mic will clip right onto your shirt, giving your next presentation an additional level of professionality. 
  • Wired or wireless dialers with mute and volume controls – You’ll be able to quickly switch between modes, talking privately amongst yourselves without disrupting the general flow of communication.
  • Speakers – Get the very best that sound has to offer, making sure everyone in the room can hear what’s going on at all times. Multiple amplifiers and speakers can be installed for the best audio quality.

Integrations with other platforms such as Teams and Zoom

If your team relies on platforms such as Teams, Zoom, or another intercommunication tool, then your Infassure audio conferencing system will be able to directly integrate into your daily workings.

In a matter of hours, you’ll be able to connect the systems, ensuring that all of your future business meetings go off without a technical hitch. 

The system is ready to add video when you are

What’s more, our systems are always fully compatible with video, allowing you to add additional elements to your audio equipment whenever you’d like. Just get in contact with our team of experts, and we’ll walk you through the whole process. Learn more about our full suite of Audio Video services here

Our goal is to ensure that your business always has the very best audiovisual experiences.