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Office Paging System & Music Installation

When it comes to communicating across the office, warehouse, or entire campus, a quick call or text may be convenient, but it might not cut through. That’s where a robust paging system comes in. And by “robust” we mean “planned and installed by Infassure.”

Our paging systems are carefully designed to cut through the clamor and clutter of warehouses, factories, and, yes, cube farms.

Professional-grade paging systems aren’t just a matter of convenience; in fact, in many cases, a high-quality intercom system is a must for safety. From quick communication with an individual or your entire staff to alerting everyone to an emergency, call systems are a necessity for any office or commercial space.

The experienced and knowledgeable team at Infassure can help you select a system that suits your unique needs, space, and budget, using a top-tier selection of products from leading brands such as AtlastIED and Valcom. Not sure which type of system is the right choice for your business? No worries; that’s what we’re here for. We’ll walk you through the process from beginning to end, so you can be completely confident that you’ve invested in an intercom/paging system that checks all your most important boxes.

Intercom and Paging System Installations

Infassure offers the ultimate flexibility, providing options that can suit spaces from a small office to an oversized warehouse that covers hundreds of thousands of square feet. Consider us your one-stop-shop for commercial paging solutions, simplifying the process of purchasing, designing, and setting up a system that addresses your key priorities.

Prefer to keep things simple for a space with a compact footprint? Consider a basic, traditional analog system. Or, if you’re searching for an advanced intercom option that will be effective for a massive office or warehouse space, our IP-based systems could be the perfect fit. Our team has extensive experience working with a broad range of clients, including:

● Commercial offices

● Medical facilities

● Warehouses

● Factories

● Food processing plants

● Schools

● Clients with both indoor and outdoor spaces

Infassure will work closely with you to select a paging system that serves your company with zero compromises. You can be confident that we’ll conquer any challenge – whether it’s a complex floor plan, a tight budget, or a very specific set of requirements, we’re the team to trust.

Because we work exclusively with the industry’s top manufacturers, Infassure makes it easy to benefit from every feature imaginable, including:

● Paging systems with pre-recorded/automated messages that can be activated in seconds

● Complete integration to analog phone systems, digital phone systems, mobile phones, or voiceover IP phone systems

● Multi-site paging, enabling you to deliver messages from a single site and reach systems in any city, state, or country

● Paging systems with digital signage to ensure accessibility for the hearing-impaired

● Visual indicators, such as strobe lights, provide an effective alert for an incoming message even in extremely noisy conditions

● The option to integrate background music or white noise (for speech privacy)

Properly Designed Paging Systems for Maximum Functionality

You can invest in the most tech-savvy paging system out there, but if it’s not properly designed and installed, you won’t be reaping the benefits. It might be tempting to skimp on installation service and choose a company that promises to do it on the cheap, but don’t give in – you’ll only end up wasting your money and time.

Instead, make sure that you’re getting the best value with a quality system designed and installed by the experts at Infassure. We’ll make sure that you can effectively communicate with every single person in your space with next to no effort, and eliminate the most common issues with improperly-installed call systems.

Say goodbye to horn hot spots where it’s impossible to understand the message being broadcast and stop startling your staff and customers with too-loud alarms. Infassure will structure the system to function flawlessly and exceed your expectations on every level.

Music Intercom Systems for Commercial Applications

Using the paging system to deliver background music is quite popular, yet presents its own obstacles. None of which are challenging to us, given our experience.

From the clarity of tone to copyright compliance and music licensing, we’ll make sure your background bossa nova is clear to your ears and cleared by your legal department. Whether you opt for a serene soundtrack of classical tunes or you want to pump up the energy levels with a dynamic dance mix, Infassure has you covered. From selecting the right system to suit your space to installing equipment and tackling set-up, our knowledgeable team can do it all for your business.

All you’ll need to do is sit back and resist the urge to sing along – or sing your heart out, we definitely don’t mind.

Upgrading your commercial space with a music system from Infassure offers a medley of benefits, including:

● An improved customer and employee experience

● An enhanced sense of brand personality, helping to distinguish your business from competitors

● Subtle reduction of undesirable background noise

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