Emergencies strike every business. Break-ins, fires, floods, and other destructive events have the power to decimate key assets and make employees, vendors, and customers feel unsafe. Business owners and managers have a responsibility to protect the people and property at their facilities. Commercial video surveillance systems serve as an essential component in the safety of your business and facility. They deter wrongdoers, assist in detecting dangerous situations, create unbiased factual records, and provide a sense of security. 

Infassure ranks as a top office technology engineering and installation firm in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Our team wires offices with the latest technology solutions and security camera systems are one of our fortes. 

Infassure’s security specialists provide objective advice on what type and brand of cameras best suit our clients’ needs and budget. They are clever in placing both deterrent- and covert cameras and integrate surveillance equipment with other security measures, such as access control devices, alarms, and gates.

Introduction to Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

New developments have expanded the types of video surveillance available. Commercial enterprises can now choose between analog, IP (Internet Protocol), and IP-Cloud options.

Analog Camera

Analog security cameras use closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology and record to a DVR. Though analog cameras have been around for decades, you need not settle for the grainy images of the old days. For example, Infrassure installs high-definition analog cameras from Hikvision that record crystal clear images. 

Whether you opt for analog or IP solutions, Infassure offers the highest-quality options.

IP Camera

IP surveillance cameras record to your company’s server, requiring no coaxial cable connections. Because IP cameras operate online, owners have remote access, allowing them to view footage and operate cameras offsite from a computer or smartphone. In addition, video analytics capabilities make mobile notifications, automatic camera activation, and motion detection possible.

For businesses with multiple locations, IP cameras provide unique advantages. Analog cameras require each location to run on separate systems, while IP users can manage multiple sites under one system, even if they are located in different states. 

Since IP cameras are wireless, they are ideal for outdoor deployment. In addition, IP cameras designed for outdoor use have glare-resistant properties that allow them to record clear images in direct sunlight. They also have night vision, motion activation, and license plate reading capabilities.

Bandwidth ranks as a critical factor in designing an IP surveillance system. Because of the high resolution of many IP cameras, the images require more digital (not physical) storage space. Infrassure’s installation team performs the calculations that match IP cameras with the correct bandwidth. 


IP-Cloud cameras offer the advanced features of IP cameras while operating on the cloud. Because of this configuration, cloud cameras save companies the cost of updates and maintenance. The cloud provider takes care of these expensive maintenance items, reducing the costs of a business security system.

The Benefits of Commercial Video Surveillance

Commercial property owners and managers benefit from video surveillance by increasing safety, security, and reducing the cost of over-employing security personnel. You also get the added benefit of greater visibility whether you’re on premises or away from the office.


Employees, customers, and vendors need to feel safe while at your facility. Video surveillance ensures that they are protected. In addition to recording malfeasance, cameras help detect threats such as fire (heat-detection cameras) and floods (motion-activated cameras).


Businesses are targets for thieves, vandals, and other dangerous individuals. Video surveillance deters criminals from entering your facility in the first place and ensures an immediate law enforcement response if they breach the perimeter.

Reduced Cost Versus Security Personnel

Full-time security personnel cost a small fortune. Companies can save on this expense by hiring Infassure to outfit their premises with advanced video surveillance. These cameras are tied into the central station, which monitors them 24/7. 

The moment a threat is detected, the central station summons an emergency response. In addition, they can see what is occurring in real-time and provide that information to authorities.


The importance of video recordings goes beyond safety and security. All businesses benefit from having recordings to provide documentation of events. For example, if a company faces liability from a personal injury or workers’ compensation suit, recordings provide a frame of reference by which the company can decide how to respond.

In addition, some regulated industries, such as healthcare, casinos, and banks, bear the burden of legal video retention requirements. Infassure assists its customers in these industries with retaining these recordings in the most cost-effective manner possible.

For example, many Infrassure clients benefit from the installation of an Eagle Eye Network IP surveillance system. Eagle Eye technology automatically saves recordings to its cloud network at a very low cost. Clients can opt to have their recordings housed for between one and five years. If they need the data later due to regulatory obligations, it can be immediately retrieved.

Choosing the Right Cameras

Infassure’s installation team recommends cameras based on how their recording capabilities meet the client’s goals and budget. For example, if a camera must identify members of the general public, a minimum resolution of 160 megapixels is needed, while cameras that identify known subjects require 80.

Infassure’s video surveillance experts match needs to technology.  


The analytics power of IP cameras prevents unauthorized access and proactively warns businesses of potential vulnerabilities. For example, facial recognition cameras coupled with access control devices ensure only authorized persons can enter a facility or secured area. In addition, unlike other security measures, facial recognition cannot be circumvented, such as through the theft of a badge or keycode.

Analytics software for video surveillance cameras offers many other advantages:

  • Use video analytics to enhance operational efficiencies
  • Share and archive videos
  • Perform camera maintenance remotely
  • Enable two-factor authentication



Video surveillance is vital for securing commercial property, but works best when integrated with other commercial security technology. Through a unified business safety system installed by Infasure, commercial property owners and managers can fully protect their businesses, people, and assets.

Access Control Integration

Access control systems prevent unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas. When integrated with a video surveillance system, you gain a record of all people who enter and exit an area and, through IP cameras, can set up alerts when an unauthorized person attempts a breach.

Alarm Integration

Video surveillance and alarm systems work together to secure commercial facilities. When events trigger alarms, video surveillance cameras also swing into action. They record the incident from start to finish, and many can automatically pan and tilt to better document occurrences.

Security Gate Integration

When you have parking lots or restricted areas, security gates keep unwanted guests outside the perimeter. Video surveillance at access points provide documentation of all entrance and exit activities. In addition, facial recognition software identifies individuals entering on foot or by vehicle. Finally, license plate reading technology documents vehicles at the gates, on the grounds, and as they traverse the perimeter.

Infassure Ensures Safety

No matter your business, securing your facility is always a priority. For many regulated industries, it is also a legal requirement. Infasure’s commercial video surveillance systems installation team consists of seasoned professionals who have outfitted thousands of businesses with the business security camera systems they need to protect assets and keep people safe.

Infassure performs security audits designed to identify vulnerabilities and reinforce them with cost-effective solutions. By employing the latest technology, we meet all video surveillance requirements and stay one step ahead of threats. 

Infassure assures the safety of your business.

Contact our helpful security pros with any questions about video surveillance and schedule a security audit to make your facility a hard target fully protected from all calamities.