Even today’s smartest of smart homes has nothing on the complexity of the modern homes-away-from-home – hotels, resorts, convention complexes, etc. Our decades of expertise in this fast-paced, ever-evolving field can help alleviate one of the major pain points of employees and guests alike by implementing an integrated solution that works when it has to. Which is always.


At Infassure, we can custom design a seamless audio/video system that brings clear communication to any or every room in your facility. From meeting room presentation technology to overhead background music to TV and music for on-site bars and restaurants to informative digital signage. All simple to use and surprisingly affordable.


You want a cable to go to how many spaces? No worries. From Cat6/RG6 homeruns to telecom rooms, to in-room hubs, to pure IP solutions, and even fiber-to-room installations, our experienced team has expertise with all cabling services.


Perhaps the greatest guest-facing technology challenge in the industry today is the seemingly simple (to guests) implementation of Wi-Fi. At Infassure, our engineers use predictive and real-world heatmapping to design systems that provide complete signal coverage without unnecessary overlap. Perhaps shared hallway access points will work best. Or maybe in-room units are needed. Maybe both. We’ll figure it out. We even have partnerships with managed Wi-Fi providers (including the major carriers) to assist in keeping costs in check.


Keeping an ever-changing collection of people and property safe and sound is no mean feat. But for you it’s as easy as calling us. We can integrate guest room access controls with your base building system. Deliver credentials via offline or online methods, including mobile. Install a robust surveillance system that is app-compatible. And provide peace-of-mind with duress alert capabilities for staff members, be they at the front desk, walking the floors or tending the grounds.