What you don’t know can definitely hurt your business. Deterring theft, monitoring productivity, maintaining safe working environments and quality control are all important needs that can be fulfilled with an Infassure-designed surveillance system.

We combine innovative products with efficient design and deployment to deliver the perfect balance of functionality and affordability. And every solution we offer is network-attached. So you can view both live and recorded video from just about any device, anywhere at any time.

Security Camera Installation Dallas, TX

Our in-house team of designers and installers – specialists all – provide turnkey solutions that will provide years of peace of mind. Our extensive list of available solutions includes:

  • Both on-premise and cloud-based solutions
  • Affordable analog bullet and dome cameras
  • Ultra-high-resolution cameras
  • IP cameras that can use existing network infrastructure
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras that can monitor large areas and allow remote control operation
  • Outdoor cameras with built-in heaters and fans for all-weather operation
  • Powerful night-vision cameras
  • License plate cameras to record all vehicle traffic
  • Networked video recorders with a multitude of advanced features in a variety of sizes