Whether you prefer an on-premise surveillance system or a cloud-based solution, Infassure provides the security cameras, control system equipment, and installation to suit your needs. For on-premise security camera installation in Dallas, we partner with the top brand for a simple, effective solution free from monthly fees. These include Exacq, HikVision, Pelco, and many others. These brands represent a wide range of features and values.

Cloud-based surveillance offers the convenience of anywhere, anytime access, giving you maximum control over security and safety. Infassure installs the Eagle Eye cloud-based system, the world’s leading smart video surveillance solution. With Eagle Eye, you can choose from thousands of supported security cameras. The platform offers features such as AI analytics, event-triggered alerts, app access, and cutting-edge cameras and equipment, Eagle Eye is the industry’s premier smart security camera system.

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Ultra High Resolution Commercial Security Cameras 

When suspicious activity occurs, having access to a high-quality, high-resolution video can make a world of difference. In recent years, the cost of these very high-definition security camera systems has become affordable for any business. Infassure can help you select, install, and set up ultra-high-resolution security cameras for your property in Dallas, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Video Surveillance with Pan/Tilt/Zoom Options

Professional security camera installation provides maximum coverage with its pan, tilt and zoom technology. Be confident that your security solution ensures every corner of your property is secure. 

Properties of all sizes can benefit from Infassure’s business security system. Reduce your Dallas business property’s limited visibility spots and reduce suspicious activity. With remote control operation, you can manipulate your security camera system as needed, no matter where you are.

All-weather Outdoor Camera Systems

Don’t let the weather put a damper on your security strategy! Let Infassure install all-weather outdoor cameras for year-round safety. They are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as extreme temperatures, rain, snow, and wind. During these events, your video surveillance system will continue to capture high-quality footage. 

All-weather security cameras have automatic heaters and fans to keep the equipment at an optimal temperature; they also help avoid frustrating malfunctions and expensive replacements in the long term. Commercial security cameras in all-weather housing are  great additions to your security system.

Powerful Night-Vision Cameras

Some of the most serious security incidents at Dallas businesses occur in the dark of night. Without a camera with night-vision, you run the risk of leaving your property vulnerable. That’s why Infassure offers a range of industry-leading security camera systems with night-vision technology.

With a Dallas commercial security system enhanced with night vision cameras, business owners can monitor their property in complete darkness. This can deter criminal activity and provide peace of mind that your property is being monitored 24/7.

With infrared technology, this type of camera system captures images even in low-light conditions. Unlike traditional cameras, this technology provides clear, detailed images of situations allowing individuals and objects to be identified in the dark.

License Plate Camera Installation

Monitor all vehicle traffic in, out, and around your property with license plate cameras. After a property audit, we’ll develop a custom plan for your security camera installation and implementation. By capturing all vehicle plate numbers, you can easily view who has accessed your property. 

In case of a security event or suspicious activity, footage can be used to pursue any necessary legal action. Additionally, create whitelists of vehicles permitted – and create a blacklist of vehicles not permitted. Your control system will alert you of any violations.

Advance Network Video Surveillance 

Choose from a diverse range of cutting-edge network video recorders (NVRs);these are specialized systems and a software solution for digital video recording. Infassure works with the industry’s most innovative brands to offer our clients an exceptional selection of options.  Choose features that suit your needs, preferences, property, and budget. Whether you need 7 days or retention or 7 years, we can design the perfect solution.

Security analytics

Take a more proactive approach with advanced security analytics, which utilizes data to automatically assess vulnerabilities, identify security issues, and maximize monitoring. Eliminate the cost and hassle of dedicated security staff and make the switch to tech-driven analytics detect incidents before they occur. You can receive alerts of activity in prohibited areas based on custom schedules. Or detect suspicious  loitering individuals. And those are just a few of the available cutting-edge AI-driven analytics.

Expert Security Camera Installation in Dallas Area

Expert customer service. Professional installation. Innovative security cameras and access control systems. Infassure offers systems with features such as: heat pattern analysis, behavior monitoring (suspicious activity detection), package assessment, and more. As a result, your Dallas commercial security system will be capable of maximum efficacy and efficiency across the board.

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