At Infassure, we understand the importance of keeping people safe and connected. Any healthcare facility has enough to think about without considering security and lines of communication. Allow us to be your healthcare and hospital security systems and communications experts. So you can focus on caring for those in need. 

We offer a single-source solution for your facility’s technology needs. It is robust, budget-friendly, and code-compliant at every level.

We design these security solutions ourselves using healthcare-specific product lines (when applicable). Our team of certified experts then installs and configures the system. We offer a wide variety of healthcare security system solutions to ensure safety for both patients, hospital staff, and other medical professionals.

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Infassure’s Healthcare and Hospital Security Systems


Access Control Systems

Maintaining a secure location is top priority when operating a healthcare facility. With doctors, patients, visitors, and staff moving throughout the premises, it’s important to make sure there is no unauthorized access in sensitive areas. With card readers, magnetic locks, and badges, you can rely on our access control security solution

Video Surveillance Systems

A modern video security system can offer you maximum visibility across your facility. This includes multiple security cameras linked to a common network. Whether you want to feed your surveillance cameras footage to a single room in the building or access the cameras wirelessly, we have the gear to match your size and budget. Your medical facility or hospital security can be a great supplement to your ongoing physical security presence.

Security Event and Intrusion Detection

No healthcare security solution is complete without an integrated alarm system. Make sure that all of your access control and video surveillance systems are working in tandem with your alarms to create the ultimate protection against security threats. Infassure’s team will provide an expert installation of your integrated security system.

When considering upgrading or adding your healthcare facility’s security, it’s best to have an innovative system to supplement your security personnel. Infassure can provide a seamless integration of your audio visual system, fire alarm system, and current access control system.

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Other Healthcare Industry Services



Nurse Call, Code Blue, and Mobile Duress systems are always desired and often mandated by code. We understand the nuances and challenges that each system poses. And we can design a system that exceeds whatever requirements you might have.


We’ve been running cable since Day 1 (way back in 1985). Our team of highly experienced and trained installers ensures every foot of copper or fiber will be the backbone of your network for decades to come. And it does not matter whether the cabling is in the air, through the walls or under the ground.


We design and install networks built to balance the conflicting needs of healthcare facilities. The result is fantastic reliability and performance without an IT department. A network built by Infassure is low-maintenance, simple-to-use, and budget friendly.

Audio Video

From an intercom system to a full conference room with two-way audio video streaming capabilities, we have you covered. Our audio video systems are designed for ease of use and can fit any sized room or budget. 

With much of the world moving to digital, many practices are adopting the online patient visit as a standard. We can help  improve current hospital security systems or build a new system to suit specific needs.

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Who We Work Best With


Ambulatory Surgical Centers

We engineer and install integrated systems that meet the requirements of ASCs. These include door access, surveillance, duress, networking, nurse call, code blue, and audio-visual systems. Our holistic design/install process reduces costs and simplifies construction.

Medical Practices

Infassure helps a wide variety of medical practices evaluate, design and deploy the office technology they need. Whether it’s a new build, remodel or relocation, Infassure solves and simplifies their technology needs.

Senior Living Facilities

Infassure only uses product lines that are specifically designed to meet the operational and code requirements of independent and assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities. We will also be at your side for TDAD inspections and on-going support when you need us.

Freestanding Emergency Rooms

The unique nature of Freestanding Emergency Rooms comes with an equally unique set of challenges. Like meeting strict code requirements without the budgetary resources of a hospital. Or designing technology solutions that are simple enough to work without on-site IT support while dealing with a constant flow of new users. These and other challenges may seem daunting, but relax. We’ve been here before.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your healthcare security systems. 

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