Nowhere is untangling technology more necessary – and more challenging – than in the industrial sector. From tying together audio/visual, security, wiring and communications across multiple, massive spaces with one unifying solution, to the demands of installation those spaces present. No worries. Infassure has solved these issues across hundreds of projects covering tens of millions of square feet.

Structured Wiring

Building the backbone of your data and communications systems requires much more than a 6-foot ladder and some glow rods. It involves specifying the right cable for the environment and having the right equipment for the installation. And having an experienced crew who can do it all 40 feet in the air without breaking a sweat doesn’t hurt, either. In fact, it helps. A lot.


Security in an industrial environment extends far beyond making sure someone doesn’t swipe a widget from the warehouse. An integrated system of cameras, sensors, access controls and intrusion alarms – among other things – must be well-planned and well-executed. From cameras that work in sub-zero environments to sensors that monitor air quality, particulates, humidity levels and more, we’ll design and install a solution that keeps your people and property as secure as possible.


At Infassure, we design A/V systems that integrate with your phone network, eliminate both audio hot spots and dead zones, and, unlike the drive-thru at the Burger Barn, are actually intelligible. And if you need networked A/V gear in meeting rooms, offices or other spaces, we’ve got you cover there, as well. No dongles required.


If communication is the heart of an organization, its communications system is what keeps it beating. From choosing the right desktop handsets to integrating video and audio conferencing in the cloud, to enterprise- and industrial-grade Wi-Fi, nothing is too complex for our experienced team members. In the end, you have a robust, integrated system that’s as easy to use as, yes, picking up the phone.