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It’s the little things that make life special. It’s also the little things that drive people nuts, cause distraction, and, in a work setting, lower productivity. And the biggest of those little things is extraneous noise.

Though it’s virtually impossible to eliminate office noise, modern AV technology has made it possible to effectively mask it. With Infassure’s sound masking technology, your space will be the best of both worlds: a comfortable, welcoming working environment free from frustrating distractions.

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Sound Masking Technology in Dallas, TX

In today’s open-office environments, almost everything is a distraction – from clacking keyboards to not-so-confidential conference calls. Such is life in our cubicle world. But while we can’t give everyone a corner office with a thick, soundproof door, we can give your office a sound masking solution that is transparent, adaptable, and surprisingly affordable.

Using top-of-the-line sound masking technology, Infassure can help you transform any work environment into the ultimate setting for productivity. With a wide range of solutions available, we can outfit virtually any space in Dallas, TX: from small, enclosed offices to expansive open-work environments with high ceilings, we have a sound masking option to suit your space.

Our systems utilize a uniquely-tuned ambient background noise, matching the frequency of human speech to add a soft layer of sound that keeps distractions at bay. Even though adding sound to a noisy environment may seem counterproductive, it’s actually a method that utilizes auditory principles: because you subtly raise the ambient noise level of the environment, speech and other sounds are more difficult to hear and, thus, less noticeable.

For less experienced providers, the installation of a sound masking system in certain environments can be challenging, especially when dealing with unique architecture or specific building features. However, our extensive experience and cutting-edge equipment make Infassure the one you can trust to solve your problems with ease.

Together, we’ll assess your space to determine the best options to fit your needs, weighing both your goals and budget to design a solution that prioritizes both. The result will be a space that functions better than you ever thought possible and a final cost that you’re more than comfortable with.

Features include:

Noise and Distraction Reduction

Many modern offices in Dallas, TX are tapping into the concept of open design to kick collaboration up a notch. But while there are many benefits to an open-office environment, there are drawbacks. Noises that would normally go undetected in a closed office, such as keyboard clicking, phone calls, and even small movements, can become a deafening symphony of distraction.

By adding a tailored sound masking solution, you can decrease the impact of these noises and create a more pleasant work environment. Infassure will construct “spheres” of sound masking, preserving collaboration while cutting down on unnecessary noise.

Protection for Speech Privacy

Confidential conversations are a regular occurrence in the workplace, but a neighboring employee can unintentionally invade even casual interactions. For the individuals involved in the conversation, their speech

privacy is compromised; and for the accidental listener, it becomes difficult to concentrate and complete work. A surprising majority of employees note lack of privacy as one of their biggest workplace frustrations, particularly in open-office environments.

Sound masking can be an outstanding solution for speech privacy protection, covering up conversations with the addition of ambient noise. Infassure will implement a solution that reinforces confidentiality in your workplace, eliminating legal concerns, compliance issues, and employee dissatisfaction.

Increase in Productivity

If you’ve ever tried to complete a detail-oriented task in a noisy environment, you know exactly how challenging it is. And yet, we expect employees to stay hard at work amongst a typical office’s conversations and noises.

Distracted minutes add up to hours of lost productivity, costing your business in more ways than one. But with sound masking, you can decrease interruptions and help your employees stay on task.

Expanded Functionality

In addition to providing effective sound masking, our systems can use the same speakers for providing background music and even paging. While music plays, the sound masking functionality is still hard at work combating the distractions of nearby speech. And when a page is made, the music and sound masking momentarily shut off so that the announcement is loud and clear.

Improvements in Acoustics

Have you ever stopped to consider the acoustics of your workplace? Odds are, there’s room for improvement. Whether it’s a lack of privacy, noisy distractions, or a specific combination of issues, Infassure can refine the acoustics of your space to maximize functionality.

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