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4 Benefits of an Access-Controlled Gate Entry System



Access-controlled gate entry system offers a a secure way to manage gate access in and out of your property, building, or campus. Not only will this offer you increased physical security, but it will also grant you peace of mind.

Even with a gated property, it’s important to know who’s coming and going at all times – and allows you a measure of control increasing everyone’s physical safety.

This level of security is made possible through access control system.

What Is a Gate Access Control System?

A gate access control system allows you to control access to the points of entry onto your property through the use of a gate. It empowers you to systematize (and, in many cases, automate) entry for authorized visitors, employees, or residents while simultaneously restricting access to guests.

You can easily manage who comes and goes, whether they be traveling in vehicles or on foot.

How Does a Gate Entry System Work?

How your access control gate works will depend in part on what system you choose to employ.

Security systems use various combinations of the following elements.

  • Gate system. Depending on the types of traffic you foresee coming and going and the amount of space at your entry points, it may make more sense to choose either a swing gate, turnstile, or sliding gate system.
  • Intercom system. Intercoms make it easy to communicate with guests and manage visitor access from a central location.  
  • Keypad Entry Systems. This type of system allows only authorized guests to use access codes to gain admittance without having to maintain a gate operator at each entry point.  
  • Credentials. Unique PIN numbers, passwords, key fobs or cards, and so forth can increase security levels and help track who enters and exits at any given time.
  • Locks. Sturdy locking mechanisms will keep your property safe 24/7, particularly during off-hours when you may not have a security guard on site.  
  • RFID Tags. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags can be utilized, such as via car tags or key cards, to control entry.
  • Cellular Controls. Cell phone gate entry systems allow you to conveniently manage gate access through an app with just a few taps on your phone screen.

Though all these options may make the process of setting up gate access control sound complicated, with professional guidance and installation, you’ll have your entry system up and running in no time.

Access Control Integrations

Whatever your security needs, your access control installation may benefit from the following integrations.

Video Security

Integrate security cameras with your access control system and monitor entry points from a central location. This alleviates the need for customer service or gate operators without sacrificing security

Sensors can trigger cameras to turn on with movement, and stored footage can be pulled up when needed.

License Plate Registration

Integrating license plate registration software with your security gate system can help you automate much of your process while ensuring increased security at the same time.

Gate Intercom System

See, speak with, verify, and monitor visitors to your entry points clearly and conveniently with an intercom integration.

Emergency Systems and Sensors

Set up automatic triggers that can begin recording footage, alert your on-site security guards, and contact authorities in case of emergencies. Ask Infassure’s expert team about how to integrate all your access control systems.

These may include:

  • Motion sensors
  • Smoke and heat sensors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Temperature and flood sensors
  • Door and window sensors
  • Broken glass sensors

These emergency systems and sensors can help you respond quickly and appropriately to unexpected incidents.

Parking Management

Parking management software, when integrated with your gate access control, can provide parking solutions and help you make the best use of your limited space.

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4 Benefits of Gate Access Control Systems

Once installed, gate access control systems provide at least four distinct benefits.

Benefit 1: Limits access to authorized people.

A proper access control solution adds an extra level of security.

  •  Human Safety – Monitoring and controlling who can come and go will prevent many potential problems and dangers.
  • Property Safety – Monitoring can exponentially decrease threats of theft and vandalism.

Benefit 2: Streamlines delivery management.

Whether you manage a residential property that sees an influx of deliveries during the holiday season or you oversee a commercial property with a steady stream of deliveries, a system to control access will help you with delivery management.

Benefit 3: Adds a layer of convenience.

Life is already busy and hectic. Why make monitoring and controlling your entry points harder than it needs to be?

A professionally installed access control gate will simplify security matters, allowing you to focus your time and energies elsewhere.

Benefit 4: Increases your property value.

Residential homes in a gated community tend to have higher property values, and with access-controlled gates working on your behalf, your job will be simpler than ever.

Who Benefits Most from the Installation of Access-Controlled Gates?

While everyone benefits from installing access-controlled gates, there are a few groups who will, in particular, experience the greatest rewards.

Residential Property Managers

Residential property managers of gated communities, in particular, will find their jobs much easier once they have a system like this in place. An access control system with an automatic gate will restrict entry to residents and their guests. An automatic system, with features like license plate registration and an intercom or telephone entry system, keeps the community safe without the need for a large staff of attendants.

HOA Board Members

HOAs typically have their hands full. Installing access-controlled gates takes an entire set of challenges off their plates. Many condominium complexes have limited parking. Restricting access to residents and their guests will reduce the number of parking complaints the HOA board receives. Additionally, where the HOA is responsible for maintaining the grounds or exteriors, monitoring entry points through access control gates can be a wise decision and help prevent vandalism.

Apartment Building Supervisors

Particularly in big cities or downtown areas, monitoring and controlling access to your apartment building is critical. Ensure your tenants feel safe and secure where they live with an access control system. Automated security gates can limit entry to the parking garage, and other access features, such as an intercom or telephone entry system, provide a measure of security.

Infassure can simplify the process, from customization and installation.

School Campus Safety Officers

School safety has never been a higher priority. Increase your campus security measures with access-controlled gates. Allow staff easy entry with key fobs or card access, while preventing uncontrolled entry by others. Collect and verify contact information for visitors before releasing the magnetic lock on doors, allowing entry.

Commercial Property Management Companies

Whether you’re managing properties in the healthcare industry or business office parks, commercial access control will make your job much easier. Track employee entry through card access or key fobs at multiple points. Restrict guest access to specific locations. And even integrate with other systems, to track employee attendance, for example.

Best Practices for a Gate Access Control System

Whatever access control gate system you choose, there are best practices to help ensure your gate access system works well for everyone.

Easy-to-read. Everything from signage to displays for intercom systems must be easily readable and comprehensible. Consider whether, given your demographic, you should offer multilingual screens.

Right height. Whether you’re using a card reader, a keypad, or a gate intercom system, make sure that all installations are the right height for both drivers and pedestrians.

Multiple versions of credentials. Locking yourself and your employees, tenants, or residents into one system could end up frustrating in the long run. Choose a system that allows for future flexibility and adaptation.        

Detailed activity logs. Always choose a system that will automate the process of keeping detailed activity logs. This will not only help you respond better to real-time emergencies but will provide evidence in the case of criminal complaints.

Managed software. While hardware matters, the right software is also worth its weight in gold. It will allow you to manage your data, adjust permissions on the go, monitor access from afar, and so much more.

When part of a well-thought-out security system with custom integrations, gate access control can greatly increase your overall security while decreasing your daily workload.

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