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Types of Security Systems for Business: A Comprehensive Guide


  For businesses large and small, implementing the right security system is crucial for safeguarding your assets, protecting employees, and preserving your reputation in any industry. The ongoing demand for more powerful, reliable, and intuitive security systems is prompting rapid growth in the industry, with the commercial security system market set to reach a value […]

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The Expert Guide to RFID Access Control

Close up of access control chips.

RFID access control systems have grown increasingly popular in recent years. Ideal for improving the efficiency of access control systems, these technologies leverage radio frequency identification to allow a user to communicate with a security system, via a card, key fob, or similar tool.  Radio frequency identification (RFID) allows two devices or tools to communicate […]

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What Is an AI Camera?

Ai camera graphic

A Guide to Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems What is an AI camera, and what can AI surveillance technology do for your business or enterprise? On a global scale, countless companies have begun to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a solution for improving productivity, customer service, and even employee safety.  AI cameras, combining machine learning technologies […]

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Artificial Intelligence Security System: The Complete Guide

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In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a valuable resource for various use cases and business purposes. In the security sector, intelligent tools powered by machine learning and advanced AI algorithms can give business leaders an opportunity to mitigate threats, monitor risks in real time, and minimize various forms of risk.  Already, studies […]

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Access Control System Design

access control pad

Access control system design is crucial to preserving the ongoing security of any physical location. It’s how you control who enters an area and when. However, designing the right access control system is often more complex than it appears.  Access control solutions and security systems come in many forms, from simple door intercom systems and […]

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How to Choose the Best Security Cameras for Business

If you’re not already investing in the best business security cameras in 2023, you could be putting your business, reputation, and resources at risk. In the ever-evolving realm of modern business, security should always be a paramount concern.  A security camera is more than just a way to capture important information, it’s a tool that […]

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How to Set Up a Hybrid Zoom Meeting

Hybrid zoom meeting with employees in a conference room.

In today’s evolving workplace, many business leaders and managers need to learn how to set up a hybrid Zoom meeting. Since the pandemic, hybrid and remote working strategies have become increasingly common.  Even now that companies can welcome employees back into the workforce, 83% of staff members agree that the ideal working environment usually follows […]

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Conference Room AV System Upgrades

Meeting room equipped with audio visual solutions in Houston

When it comes to your conference room AV system, you should aim for more than “It’s good enough.” There are plenty of situations in which it’s perfectly acceptable to utter this phrase. Perhaps you just made a sloppy peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you’re planning to gulp down immediately while still standing at the […]

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Understanding Surveillance Bandwith Calculations

IP Surveillance security camera

  In recent years, advances in cameras and recording devices have allowed a rapid increase in the quality of video surveillance. With surveillance rapidly shifting to IP-based systems, it is important to understand how the quality of recordings impacts the network and storage requirements of a system. Without this understanding, systems may be poorly designed. […]

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