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Sound Masking Houston

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Life is all about the little things that matter. However, sometimes these little things can drive people crazy and lower productivity levels in the workplace. The most common culprit? Extraneous noise.

Office noise is impossible to completely eliminate, but modern technology has made it possible to effectively mask it. By using sound masking technology, your workspace can be transformed into a comfortable, welcoming environment free from frustrating distractions.

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Houston Sound Masking System

At Infassure, we offer top-of-the-line Houston sound masking solutions that are transparent, adaptable, and surprisingly affordable. In today’s open-office environments, distractions are everywhere – from the sound of clicking keyboards to not-so-private conference calls. With our help, we can make sure that noise is no longer a barrier to productivity.

Our sound masking systems use a uniquely-tuned ambient background noise, matching the frequency of human speech to add a soft layer of sound that keeps distractions at bay. While adding sound to a noisy environment may seem counterproductive, it’s actually a highly effective method that utilizes auditory principles. By raising the ambient noise level of the environment, speech and other sounds become less noticeable and distracting.

Our extensive experience and cutting-edge equipment make Infassure a trusted solution. Experience counts, especially for sound masking in challenging environments and when dealing with unique architecture or specific building features. We can outfit virtually any space in Houston, TX: from small, enclosed offices to expansive open-work environments with high ceilings.

We work with you to assess your space and determine the best options to fit your needs, considering your goals and budget to design a solution that prioritizes both. The result is a workspace that functions better than you ever thought possible at a cost you are comfortable with.

Features include:

Disruptive Noise Reduction

Open office design has become increasingly popular in Houston, TX. It encourages collaboration among employees, but it also introduces new challenges, especially with controlling noise levels. What would normally have been a minor disruption in a closed office — typing sounds, phone calls, or small movements — can easily become major distractions in an open one.

Fortunately, a tailored sound masking solution can help reduce these noises and create a more pleasant work environment. Infassure can construct sound masking “spheres” that preserve collaboration while minimizing unnecessary noise.

Speech Privacy

Confidential conversations happen frequently in the workplace, but they can be overheard unintentionally by employees in neighboring cubicles. For those participating in the conversation, speech privacy is compromised and for others, it is difficult to concentrate and get work done. Many employees consider lack of privacy to be a significant workplace frustration, particularly in open-office environments.

Sound masking is an effective solution for protecting speech privacy by adding ambient noise to cover up conversations. Infassure can implement a solution that reinforces confidentiality in your workplace, reducing legal concerns, compliance issues, and employee dissatisfaction.

Increase in Employee Productivity

Trying to complete a detail-oriented task in a noisy environment can be challenging. And yet, we expect employees to work effectively despite office conversations and typical background noises.
These distractions can add up to hours of lost productivity, costing your business in many ways. With sound masking, you can reduce interruptions and help your employees stay focused and productive.

Increased Functionality

Our systems not only provide effective sound masking but can also be used for background music and paging using the same speakers. When music is playing, the sound masking function is still working to combat nearby speech distractions. And when a page is made, the music and sound masking momentarily turn off to ensure the announcement is loud and clear.

Improved Acoustics

The acoustics of your workplace are critical, but they are often overlooked. Chances are, there are ways they can be improved. Whether it’s a lack of privacy, noisy distractions, or a combination of issues, Infassure can refine the acoustics of your space to optimize functionality.

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