Choosing the right security camera installation company can be time-consuming and stressful. However, Infassure offers a wide range of on-premise surveillance systems and cloud-based security solutions. From the equipment (including camera system and control system) to the camera installation, your Houston business will be safe and secure in no time.

Infassure partners with top brands for a simple, effective solution free from monthly fees. These well-known brands include Exacq, HikVision, Pelco, and many others. These brands represent a wide range of features and values. 

Interested in cloud-based surveillance offering the convenience of anywhere, anytime access? This type of commercial security system  provides maximum control over security and safety.  Infassure offers installation of the Eagle Eye cloud-based system, the world’s leading smart surveillance system.   With Eagle Eye, you can choose from thousands of supported security cameras. The platform features AI analytics, event-triggered alerts, app access, and cutting-edge cameras and equipment.

Ultra High Resolution Security Cameras

High-quality, high-resolution video footage makes a world of difference. If you have experienced an unfortunate security incident, then you understand the importance of any surveillance footage that you can share with the Houston police.

Today’s very high-definition commercial security cameras are more affordable than in the past. Infassure has helped many Houston businesses select, install, and set-up  their security camera systems. 

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Security Cameras

A professional security system installation provides maximum coverage with pan/tilt/zoom cameras. Be confident that every corner of your property is adequately secure. Houston and San Antonio properties of all sizes can benefit from the added access offered by pan/tilt/zoom technology, particularly properties with spots of limited visibility. Remote control operation allows for camera manipulation; this is especially helpful for off-premise owners.

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Looking for a security camera that can weather the elements? Fortunately, Infassure can help. All-weather outdoor security camera installation is one of our specialities.

Outdoor security cameras are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. They are typically larger and sturdier than indoor security cameras and are usually mounted on walls or ceilings. 

These types of cameras provide monitoring year-round. Designed with automatic heaters and fans, equipment maintains an optimal temperature; this helps avoid frustrating malfunctions and expensive replacements in the long term.

Powerful Night Vision Cameras

Commercial security cameras with night vision  provide significant benefits to Houston businesses, particularly those that operate during nighttime hours or have outdoor areas that need to be monitored. With night vision capabilities, these cameras can capture clear and detailed surveillance footage in low-light conditions. This allows businesses to detect and deter potential intruders or criminal activity. 

Additionally, this type of camera system also helps with identifying employees or customers in dimly lit areas and provide added security for parking lots or other outdoor spaces. Improve your property’s overall security measures to reduce theft, vandalism, violent crime, and other incidents. Overall, cameras with night vision can be a valuable investment for businesses looking to improve their security and protect their assets 24/7.

License Plate Security Cameras

Monitor all vehicle traffic in, out, and around your property with license plate cameras from Infassure. We’ll devise the ideal location for placement, then install and set up  security cameras to capture all vehicle plate numbers. 

You’ll always know who has accessed the property and have the necessary information to pursue action in the event of a security incident. Create whitelists of only the allowed vehicles or blacklists of vehicles that you want to stay away and our system will alert you of violations.

Networked Video Recorders 

Discover the right fit network video recorder (NVR) for your business. These specialized systems feature a software solution for video surveillance. By working with the commercial security industry’s most innovative brands, Infassure is able to offer clients an exceptional selection.

Choose features that suit your property’s needs, preferences, and budget. Whether you need 7 days or retention of 7 years, our experts can design the perfect security solution.

Houston Security Analytics

Take a more proactive approach to security with advanced security analytics, which utilizes data to automatically assess vulnerabilities, identify security issues, and maximize monitoring. Eliminate the cost and hassle of dedicated security staff and make the switch to tech-driven analytics, which can help detect incidents before they occur. You can receive alerts of activity in prohibited areas based on custom schedules. Or detect a suspicious pack, loitering individuals. Plus many other cutting-edge AI-driven analytics.

Infassure Commercial Security System Installation

Infassure offers commercial security cameras with features such as heat pattern analysis, behavior monitoring (suspicious behavior detection), package assessment, and more. As a result, your security camera system will be capable of maximum efficacy and efficiency across the board. Our team of technicians will provide a professional camera surveillance system installation for your commercial property.

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