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In the hospitality sector, few things are more important than ensuring the safety and security of your guests, and your assets. Hotel access control systems are essential to not only protecting your business, but providing your clients with the peace of mind and comfort they deserve.

With the right technology, combined with expert installation and support from a leading business like Infassure, hotel owners can update their security standing with an innovative access control system featuring electronic locks, key cards, and a host of other vital security features. The right solutions give you the power to monitor, defend, and manage your security ecosystem, while delivering straightforward experiences to guests. 

Offering top-of-line access management system solutions, from mobile access to biometric controls, Infassure specializes in the delivery and installation of world-leading hotel access control systems. Our unique blend of industry expertise in the hotel landscape, and innovative tools ensures you can create a more trustworthy, compliant, and protected hospitality guest experience.

The Common Types of Hotel Access Control Systems

The features of hotel access control systems have evolved drastically over the years, driven by the evolution of powerful new technologies and devices. Infassure supports a host of different styles of hotels and hospitality companies, with tailor-made and bespoke solutions, specifically designed to suit your business requirements. We can assist with the set up of common access control tools such as:

  • Electronic hotel door locks: Replace old-fashioned hotel locks with secure, reliable, and convenient solutions that both you and hotel guests can unlock their hotel room door with electronic devices, from an access card to keypads to remote controls. A smart lock offers a high level of security, and can be installed with minimal effort, though they do require regular maintenance.
  • Key cards: Eliminate the risk of lost keys with key cards powered by a unique RFID technology chip. These easy-to-use tools make life easier for both your hotel staff and your guests. Plus, they’re affordable and easy to replace if they’re lost or stolen. The right key card technology can also provide a useful insight into guest and employee activity. However, they are occasionally vulnerable to hacking, without support from the right hotel security system vendor.
  • Biometric readers: At Infassure we invest in some of the most intuitive security systems around, including biometric readers which can use fingerprints, iris scanning, and facial scans to grant secure access to restricted areas. These tools are extremely secure, as biometric data is unique to each individual. However, they do require expert installation and management. 
  • Mobile access: Bring your hotel business into the new era with mobile access solutions which allow guests and hotel staff to use their smartphone as a mobile key. Mobile access keys can be remotely controlled and managed. Plus, they’re extremely convenient, as individuals don’t have to carry additional keys or cards. However they do rely on the use of the right software.

At Infassure, we’ll work with you to develop the ultimate security access control solution for your hotel, providing access to a range of benefits, from customizable access permissions to real-time monitoring and reporting tools, for end-to-end tracking and auditing. Because we believe the best security systems unify technology, our solutions can integrate seamlessly with everything from property management software to state-of-the-art video surveillance systems and communication tools


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The Benefits of Infassure’s Hotel Access Control Systems

Every hotel and hospitality industry business needs a way to secure their operations and property, while providing streamlined, efficient experiences to guests. With a powerful all-in-one hotel access control system from Infassure, you can develop a safer work environment, eliminate security risks, and reduce the costs and inconvenience of periodic rekeying strategies. 

Our technologies provide the behind-the-scenes insights you need to log employee attendance, track guest movement, and safeguard critical data and security information. What’s more, we can help you implement the resources you need to remotely manage and monitor access to crucial locations, support emergency protocols, and create a more welcoming environment for staff and clients alike.

With Infassure, hotel managers can upgrade their security strategy like never before, implementing state-of-the-art tools to prevent unauthorized access, keep employees and guests safe, and strengthen connections with customers. Moreover, our innovative tools are designed to reduce the work involved in keeping your environment secure, with intuitive automation capabilities that eliminate comprehensive manual work, without compromising on safety. 

Why Choose Infassure for Hotel Access Controls?

At Infassure, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate security partners for our hospitality clients. With years of experience in our industry, we’ve assisted businesses of all sizes with everything from structured wiring strategies for security systems, to the installation of cutting-edge tools. 

When you work with us on the development of your hotel access control systems, you get:

  • Access to industry expertise: We have years of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining hotel access control systems. Our teams understand the unique operational and security challenges that hotels face, and work with you to produce the best solution.
  • Custom guidance: We’ll help you find and implement the right technologies for your security system strategy based on your budget, your goals, and specific needs. Once you’ve chosen the technology best-suited to your company, we’ll implement it and configure it for you.
  • Installation: As experts in technology installation, our teams are trained to implement the right tools quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of downtime and errors. We use industry best practices to ensure your hotel is up and running in no time.
  • Customer support: We work with our clients to ensure they can derive the most value from their technologies. We deliver ongoing customer support and maintenance for all access control solutions, ensuring you can overcome any issues you might face quickly. 
  • Training and troubleshooting: Infassure also works with your teams to ensure you can rapidly detect and repair problems yourself. We’ll offer in-depth training on all of the technologies we offer to ensure you can see results as quickly as possible. 

Make Security a Priority for your Hotel

Security and technology experts, Infassure offers a reliable, trustworthy, and tailor-made solution for implementing and managing hotel access control systems. We believe in working with our clients to design the technology solution best-suited to their specific Dallas or Houston area  business. 

Our expert teams and range of innovative technologies ensure you can custom-make the solution most likely to transform your business, with minimal effort. Discover the convenience, security, and invaluable insights you can experience with a world leading hotel security provider today.

Contact Infassure to request a quote for the ultimate hotel access control system. 


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