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Conference Room

In some ways, every meeting space and conference room is the same. In other ways, they are all quite different. That’s why we start the design process with one of our proven A/V templates and customize it from there. It streamlines the process, and, yes, streamlining does equal cost savings.

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There’s a demand for a broad range of meeting spaces in today’s fast-paced world. Each one serves a unique purpose, supporting collaboration and communication in both form and function. Infassure has extensive experience designing, installing, and setting up AV solutions for a variety of meeting spaces of all types and sizes, including:

● Huddle rooms

● Conference rooms

● Board rooms

● Training facilities

Your business’s success is directly linked to how well you can communicate with your staff, vendors, partners, and clients – but is your current set-up slowing you down? Ultra-clear video, fuss-free audio, virtual meeting integration, and interactive elements can help you take collaboration to the next level. But when you’re dealing with outdated AV technology, everything comes to a screeching halt.

With innovative AV solutions for meeting spaces from Infassure, you can make sure that you have the set-up you need to achieve your business goals. We’ll work closely with you to establish your key priorities, craft a customized solution, and install a system that checks all the boxes, all while keeping costs down.

Meeting Room AV Design in Houston, TX

From basic big screens to smart whiteboards, video conferencing, and of course, more, we’ll make your meeting spaces collaborative and productive without the need for a chaperone from IT.

Additional AV features include:

Smarter AV solutions for spaces of all sizes and types

Whether you’re adding a few huddle rooms or mapping out a large-scale conference room, Infassure is prepared to design and install a solution that will exceed your expectations. Considering one of the large divisible “multi-purpose rooms?” We’ve equipped many of the with effective and affordable AV solutions.

We’ll create spaces suited for BYOD (bring-your-own-device) use or set up a fully-equipped room with multiple screens, microphones, and a central control system. Do presentations whenever (and wherever) you want, whether you’re using a dedicated PC or bringing your own smartphone, laptop, or other devices. Access everything from an in-room control panel, so you don’t have to call IT to get started. Interactive whiteboards and smartboards let everyone participate, keeping engagement at an all-time high and making every meeting moment count.

Ultimately, the goal is to prioritize ease of use – because the best meeting space is one that’s ready when you need it.

Video and audio conferencing in Houston, TX

With top-of-the-line video and audio-conferencing implementation, you can feel like you’re in the same room as your collaborators – even if they’re halfway around the globe. Infassure can provide you with a diverse selection of system elements, including monitors, projectors and projections screens, sound masking, web conferencing systems, microphones, phone systems, total control systems, and integrated audio/video solutions in Houston, TX.

Simple room scheduling solutions

If competition for meeting spaces is a problem in your office, you need a scheduling platform to keep the peace. Infassure offers attractive touchscreen scheduling panels that install outside of each room. They display upcoming meetings and glow a soft red or green to indicate if a meeting is in progress. Schedule rooms from Outlook or at the panel.

A balance of affordability and functionality

It’s no secret that setting up an outstanding AV solution for your meeting space can get expensive – and yet, it’s difficult to put a price on the benefits of solid communication and collaboration. Infassure will match you with a value engineer to design a solution that perfectly meshes your priorities with your budget.

Do you have a quote from one of our competitors? The Infassure team would be happy to take a closer look to help you pinpoint saving opportunities, so you can maximize value and be confident in your investment.

Integration with virtual meeting tools

Make sure your space is set up for simple integration with the latest virtual meeting tools, giving you access to a full range of platforms at just the touch of a button:

● Microsoft Teams

● Skype for Business

● Zoom

● Blue Jeans

● Google Hangouts

● WebX

● GoToMeeting

Sound masking

When the conversations taking place in your meeting rooms need to stay in your meeting rooms, our innovative sound masking solutions are the answer. Designed to provide a “wall” of privacy they ensure that outsiders aren’t privy to your sensitive discussions.

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