Keeping employees safe is a key priority. Yet, the majority of businesses have never faced the health safety challenges that result from a pandemic and don’t know where to start. We help business owners and managers of commercial office buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hotels, churches, hospitals, etc. navigate technology-based solutions to improve current health safety measures and reduce the risk of exposure by employees and visitors. We have a variety of technological solutions to assist you in meeting your company’s health safety standards and security protocol. Pandemic or not, it’s your responsibility to provide a safe environment for employees and visitors.

Visitor/Employee Screening Systems

  • Keep employees safe by creating custom questions that help identify risk from potential visitors before they connect with your employees. Utilize the same program to screen employees before they arrive to work.

Fever Detection Hardware

  • Thermal Wrist Temperature Measurement – LTS’s non-contact approach to detect body temperature in 0.2 seconds with 99% accuracy.
  • Facial Recognition Terminal – Screening technology that can instantly recognize and register oncoming individuals, and can send out alarms when individuals are not wearing a mask or have unusually high body temperatures.
  • Thermal Cameras – Dahua’s High Capacity Thermal Camera measures internal temperatures through the eye’s inner canthus, the most accurate method of temperature reading. The thermal camera can scan up to 30 people per second and can differentiate between a person’s skin and external objects such as a hot beverage.

Access Control Safety Features

  • Self-screening – Use Brivo Mobile Pass to prompt employees or other credentialed personnel once a day to answer a one health-related facility safety question, as they approach your door. Brivo Visitor allows you to create a custom health safety questionnaire for guests before they enter your facility.
  • Personnel Control – Automatically restrict access to personnel until the health safety questionnaire is completed. When an employee fails to meet the health safety criteria the security administrator is immediately notified, and you can then take the next steps within your company’s security protocol.
  • Contact Reporting – Generate a report with Brivo Contact Reporting to quickly identify who was in the same room and may have come into contact with a contagious person. Thereby providing the exposed with the opportunity to be tested and limiting future exposure.

JNL SafeHealth Employee and Visitor Screening Kiosk

Though Infassure is constantly adding technology to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, here is a list of solutions that are offered: