To the untrained eye, a cable plant – the physical copper wires and optical fiber that connect devices – may resemble the nervous system of a multi-tentacled alien beast.

But make no mistake, it is the backbone of your entire communications network.

Cabling & Structured Wiring Services

At Infassure, our goal is to build strong, yet balanced, cable plants. Balanced between budget and capacity. Between current needs and future demands.

Between dependability and…well, we never sacrifice dependability.

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So if you need a thousand cable drops? No worries. Want a pure fiber plant? Done it. A manufacturer-backed warranty that lasts a quarter century?

But of course. A plant that will meet your needs for the next decade without taking an equal amount of time to pay off? Once again, we’re very budget-friendly. Contact Infassure to see how we can help your business today.